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Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎02-12-2010
Location: chicago, il
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two finger scrolling unsmooth?

Hello all,


Just purchased a t400s and am impressed overall.


Curious as to whether or not the two-finger scrolling action is supposed to be this unsmooth though.  I have a MacBook pro at home that scrolls very smoothly.  On the lenovo, two-finger scrolling is choppy and often just skips me to the very bottom.  I've tried messing with some settings to no avail.  Maybe it's normal?

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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

welcome to the forum!


just for clarification, are you scrolling on the display or the trackpad?   some T400s models have an enhanced multi-touch display, which is why i ask.


if you're scrolling on the trackpad, the difference could simply be in the size of the trackpad.   if you have a recent mac without any mouse buttons, the difference in trackpad sizes between the two is quite a bit.   trying to achieve the same ergonomics in both a large and small pad probably isn't easy (or easily attainable) by any means.


just my two cents.

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Punch Card
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎03-14-2010
Location: Goleta, California
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

I am noticing the same thing. It's very choppy and in no way as smooth as a Macbook Pro. This is on my t410 by the way.

Punch Card
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎03-14-2010
Location: Goleta, California
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

I thought it was unsmooth as well when I was browsing the internet with Google Chrome. I then tried it with Internet Explorer and found the scrolling to be smooth, much like a Macbook Pro. I guess it has something to do with how the software utilizes the multi-touch functions? 

Community SuperMod
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Registered: ‎04-25-2008
Location: San Francisco

Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

Chrome scrolling is jerky (two finger, middle trackpoint button, or otherwise) because Google haven't implemented smoothing. There are extensions which alleviate the problem.

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Punch Card
Posts: 17
Registered: ‎08-05-2010
Location: Canada
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

[ Edited ]



Sorry, but could you tell me the name of these extensions? I love Chrome.



*edit: I probably should've checked first, because it wasn't hard to find. Works well.

To anybody else that's interested, I'm using "SmoothScroll".

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-19-2011
Location: Finland

Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?



I managed to get close to apple quality by getting a small app called twofingerscroll AND from the program disabled acceleration and set the speed to almost minimum. Somehow the little program seems to handle the thing better than the stock program that came preinstalled. I also disabled two finger scrolling from the stock program. I too have corrupted myself with a sweet macbook and I was very disappointed at first because of the jumpy two finger scrolling of my new thinkpad. With that fixed, I'm in love Smiley Happy

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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?



Could you tell us a bit more?  Maybe explain in more depth and include steps and source links? 


Others may wish to follow your innovative path...




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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-19-2011
Location: Finland

Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

Sure I can Smiley Happy


Download a software called Twofingerscroll. (You can actually do everything that this software does with the Ultranav or Synaptics program, but for some reason the touchpad seems to handle better when Twofingerscroll is running)


here (pick the newest version): Twofingerscroll


Extract the package and run the program as an administrator. An icon that looks like a hand  appears in the notification area. Right-click it and press settings. From the first screen you can choose to run the program each time windows starts, which you should do if you like what it does.


Next change to "scrolling" tab. I got the best result by choosing linear as scroll type and smart as scroll mode. The most important thing though is to disable acceleration. So make sure to untick the box next to the word Acceleration. I put the speed slider to almost minimum, just around the second line on the scale, but that can be tuned to what feels best for you.


Secondly you need to disable two finger scrolling from the Ultranav program, so that it doesn't conflict with the Twofingerscroll-program you just installed. This can be done going to start menu -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Mouse. There, go to Ultranav tab and from the list choose two finger scrolling and disable it.


And there you go. You should now have a pretty nice and responsive two finger scrolling. It's really something you once get used to and after that can't live without.


There was actually a second problem with the touchpad I had to fix. I found that even if I disable touchpad tapping (the function that you can do mouseclicks by tapping the touchpad) it somehow turned itself on each time I wake my computer from sleep mode. I don't like the function since I seem to make a lot of accidental clicks with it. The only way to fix this was to get the newest drivers and software from Synaptics. Synaptics software replaces Ultranav but includes essentially all the same functions as Ultranav and works with the trackpoint also. Only after installing Synaptics driver the touchpad worked like I wanted. You can get the Synaptics driver from here. If you don't have a problem with the tapping function, I don't see a reason to install it though.


I hope this makes sense and I'm happy to help Smiley Happy

Serial Port
Posts: 59
Registered: ‎05-26-2011
Location: Switzerland
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

[ Edited ]

This is really good! Thank you hysy and bananaman for avaring us on those softwares. 


I was really disapointed in those twofinger-funktions. After uninsallting the ThinkVantage Ultranav drivers and installing Synaptic drivers, everything came to order. 


With Google Chrome Smoothing plug-in Chrome scolls very nice, as if I were on a Mac. 


I didn't install two finger scoll as hysy suggested. 


@ LENOVO: you should consider doing something on the Ultranav drivers. The only feature that is not supported by Synaptic drivers is the two finger double tip. But it goes so much smoother this way, it's a 300% improvement.