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Open Data Center revolution

Open Data Center revolution
Lenovo Employee

open data center rev.pngAs my daughters and I watched the Lenovo Tech World videos on YouTube, they loved the smart phone “bracelet” and foldable tablet, while I imagined how much streaming data each of those devices would consume. It’s no wonder Telco are preparing now for the not-so-distant future, when all of us have 1, 2 or 10 devices running at once, each requiring significant GBs of data for 4k videos, and all of it delivered instantly and seamlessly. These smart consumers’ devices are only the touchable part -- integrated and connected devices also form the invisible part of the “IT iceberg”, which lies beneath our offices, cars, homes, hospitals, cities, everywhere. To connect all of these visible and invisible devices and applications will require a new generation of Data Center and network.


This new generation has familiar buzzwords and acronyms – IoT, 5G, Cloud. While every industry is facing the convergence of more people and more things connecting wirelessly – and immediately – Telco are on the front lines of the connectivity disruption, and they are leading the way in SDN and NFV implementation to support the next generation of communication.


But such an evolution or even “revolution” cannot be supported with a proprietary approach. The most complete and optimal “IT iceberg” is made from solutions from multiple providers.   Because of this, we see a host of new communities focused on creating non-proprietary and open standards.


Facebook’s data center design created an example that has grown into a movement and is shaping the industry, called the OCP community. Several members are working on developing standards for specific industries, including communications. However, having several different open solutions doesn’t ensure interoperability, and so a need arose for a new type of Open community. Organizations like OPNFV aim to integrate open projects into a cohesive NFV infrastructure stack, which is the foundation of any data center solution. Tomorrow’s reality is clear – more efficient, commoditized and interoperable data center components are required for SDN/NFV to thrive, and SDN/NFV is the best way to support ever-growing data demands.


Lenovo is a big supporter of both Open and innovation.  As a Gold member of the Open Compute Project, we contribute to OCP’s evolving standards for data center infrastructure. We work closely with community partners to better understand and address emerging needs. And we leverage key learnings with our customer partners, to drive innovation and efficiency in their own IT environments.


So while my daughters can’t wait for the latest gadgets, I am already working with my colleagues, partners and customers to ensure we’re ready to support them.