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Thought Leadership


New players are coming into the software-defined networking and storage market. Tikiri Wanduragala from Lenovo talks about how data centres are changing. 


new thinking in DC.PNGNew thinking in Data Center


hese days, customers have to keep pace with the explosion in data and information required for their business. And they have to do that within a fixed or falling budget, and a fixed set of staff and skills. That’s the underlying macro-economic condition.


In parallel, lots of new technologies are hitting the market that could potentially have a huge impact. One of these is in the realm of web-scale technologies, for example, Amazon, eBay, Google and Facebook. They can address some of the problems their customers are having with data or, to be more specific, big data capacity requirements.


On top of that, SSD and Flash are coming down the pipeline. The combination of those two – web-scale and Flash – is resulting in technologies that we’re calling software-defined. These move the management and the provisioning to the application. People are looking at these technologies as the next big thing.


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