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Does a Ubuntu 20.04 or later installation from Ubuntu work directly on a Carbon X1 9th gen?

2021-07-17, 19:14 PM

When Lenovo says that they support Ubuntu 20.04 on a X1C9, does that mean that one can install Ubuntu 20.04 or later from the Ubuntu website directly on a X1C9 and all the features of the laptop work without further effort (audio, wifi, microphones, webcam, fingerprint reader, etc)?


Or does Lenovo provide a specially patched version of Ubuntu 20.04 that differs from the official version from Ubuntu?


The reason I'm asking is I am trying to decide between buying an Ubuntu-based X1C9 or buying a Windows 10 version and then setting up dual-booting so that, in the rare cases I need to run some Windows software, I can reboot to do so. I would like to make sure that I don't have to spend time patching Ubuntu kernels to maintain the X1C9 long after I buy the laptop.


I did see in this forum that Lenovo will be providing OEM images of Ubuntu 20.04  for the X1C9 but it was not clear if these images are available to anyone with a X1C9 or only to people who purchased a Linux-based X1C9.


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Re:Does a Ubuntu 20.04 or later installation from Ubuntu work directly on a Carbon X1 9th gen?

2021-07-17, 20:14 PM



To learn if your exact machine has an OS image available for it, select the link at the top of this page "Visit eSupport here"  and then navigate to laptop support pages.  In a search box plot your system serial number.  A page will raise with lots of useful information for your exact machine, compared to a generic Lenovo Carbon X9 configuration.   I bookmark my page for future fast access.  There will be a drop down for operating systems, IF versions of Linux are listed, download and install it.   IF linux is not listed then Lenovo factory support for your exact machine configuration is not available, at least today.


If linux is not shown on support.lenovo.com, then navigate to your favorite linux distribution page, and download and "burn" a liveUSB image to appropriate bootable USB media.   Boot into the liveUSB desktop instance BEFORE installation, and explore functionality.  IMHO fedora workstation x86_64 from getfedora.org is most likely to be seamless out of the box.   Primarily because fedora offers only a small handfulof bootable images, with Ubuntu there seems to be a dozen or so available installation images, with therefore more opportunity to select one that does not function seamlessly out of the box.  If the first one you try doesn't work as well as desired, one of the other ones listed as amd64 format might work better for you.




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Re:Does a Ubuntu 20.04 or later installation from Ubuntu work directly on a Carbon X1 9th gen?

2021-07-17, 22:24 PM



Whatever @Usedtoberich said, I can't agree more.

Afaik, Lenovo puts some OEM stuff (a little patches here and there) and some informative documents if you use OEM Ubuntu image or your Thinkpad comes with it. And sometime after, the patches in OEM Ubuntu, gets merged into regular Ubuntu. So my point is, repeating Usedtoberich, if you want Ubuntu without tricks to patch it (if needed any), first look at pcsupport.lenovo.com site (Ubuntu LTS), if it's not there, try the latest Ubuntu (21.04 currently).

But I'd recommend Fedora/Silverblue 34, as it comes with more recent kernels, your hardware is likely to be perfectly matched.

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