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Paper Tape
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Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Ultrabook U410

I recently bought a U410 ultrabook. With the factory settings, the ubuntu installer does not detect any disks on the system. The problem is known and has something to do with the SSD, Intel Smart response technology and the disks' RAID configuration (See and


Is there a way around this problem without having to remove the existing Windows installation? Also in case not, does my warranty get void if I remove the pre-loaded windows installation? An Ubuntu system is essential for me so I need to get it installed somehow. 


Would appreciate some pointers. 


Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Ultrabook U410

Welcome to the forums

Have you tried to install ubuntu using wubi or are your trying to do it via the general approach? Removing windows wont void your hardware warranty.
Paper Tape
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Ultrabook U410

You could perhaps try installing Ubuntu through Virtual Box although you will suffer a slight performance hit. As mentioned in the ubuntuforums post you link to, you can't have another OS in combination with Intel Smart Response Technology.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Ultrabook U410

1. Disabe RAID (select ACHI in BIOS)

2. Install windows to SSD.

3. Move user data and pagefile to HDD. Disable file indexing on SSD.  Install most not system programs to HDD to economy free space. It will be even faster than cache, but you need to install big programs and games on D:\. Not every man can do it. Thats why they use cache as default.

4. Boot Ubuntu from CD, type in terminal "sudo apt-get remove dmraid"

5. Install Ubuntu as usual

6. If GRUB doesnt appear (it is because of UEFI) use Boot-Repair utility as described here

7. If GRUB appears, but Ubuntu doesn't boot, then you need to break dmraid utility:

7.1 Boot Ubuntu from CD

7.2 type in terminal "sudo apt-get remove dmraid"

7.3 Open "Computer" on the desktop and open the disk where you have installed Ubuntu. On the top of the window will be some letters like 7bgetgu4uf87wch7wir6. Type in terminal "sudo rm /media/{your partition}/sbin/dmraid" where you replace {your partition} with this letters

7.4 "sudo touch /media/{your partition}/sbin/dmraid" and "sudo chmod +x  /media/{your partition}/sbin/dmraid"


Once you have booted ubuntu, remove dmraid in normal way (using apt-get)


And the easy way is to install ubuntu with wubi. I tried it on ACHI, but there was no problems with dmraid and grub

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Ultrabook U410



I try to install Ubuntu but I fail and gave the format a SSD partitions, now I have only a black screen Smiley Sad


Any suggestions?

What's DOS?
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Ultrabook U410

but my SSD is of only 30 GB and I don't think will be sufficient to run Win8. Help needed in this regard urgently, PLZ...

I wish to use both the OS- win8 and Ubuntu 12.10 

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