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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-09-30, 21:25 PM

hi Amy (or other Lenovo staff)


It's been a couple of months since this BIOS update was requested: has there been any progress on this yet???


Like others on this list I just bought a new Yoga 900s. Beautiful machine! But I just can't believe that a modern laptop like this would not support dual booting. It sounds as if the fix is neither difficult nor time consuming. 


Could you please provide an update?


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-10-06, 4:05 AM

I just bought a new Yoga 900-13ISK2 for my primary Ubuntu machine, and now I guess I'm screwed until this gets fixed. I had previously used System 76 but switched to Lenovo for its ease of Linux use, so ... if this doesn't get fixed I'll have learned my lesson.


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-10-19, 17:37 PM

Here's long time story..




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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-10-17, 10:50 AM

Community GuidelinesSearchPrivate MessagingENDEESPTRUUACZ-SKTRMoto
PM requests for individual support are not answered. If a post solves your issue, please mark it so.

I am not a Lenovo employee


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-10-27, 7:55 AM



Please note that we 900S owners finally have a new BIOS to allow installation of Linux.  It's nice to see Lenovo come to the plate with a real solution.








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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-10-27, 14:55 PM

In response to customer requests for a BIOS that allows Linux to be installed on Yoga 900 and Ideapad 710s models, Lenovo has started releasing new BIOS.


For a complete list of models receiving these BIOS, please read this Knowledge Base article: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-Notebooks/Yoga-900-and-Ideapad-710S-Linux-Only-BIOS/ta-p/3466850


Thank you,

0 person found this solution to be helpful.

This helped me too


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-10-28, 15:09 PM

That is great news, Amy! Thanks!


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-12-18, 2:21 AM

Hi Amy,

I have just taken a look at this thread for the first time, as I have seen the Yoga, and am interested.
I am among the many who use Linux.
I have recently bought a Lenovo Zuk Z2 phone, I had a Thinkpad in years gone by.
I am surprised that Lenovo didn't support Linux boot out of the box, and as seems evident in the thread the fix which appears to be minor took 5 months to resolve.
If I were to buy Lenovo hardware I would hope this kind of thing would not be an issue.

Can you advise all of us as to whether this issue is taken seriously, or as a trivial matter.
Five months says to me Lenovo doesn't care, can you advise otherwise.

I know this is not you personally, so I am not directing my disappointment at you.

Regards, MIchael.


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-12-18, 14:24 PM

For a company like Lenovo, five months is not that long. First they need to assess the scope of an issue. How many people wanted to install Linux on the affected models? Did enough of those people inform Lenovo that this was an issue for them? It takes resources to create solutions like the company just did.


Once they go through the process of determining if the probem warrants more investigation they have to come up with a solution. Then they have to create that solution. And test it. And fix the myriad issues that crop up. After all that the fix is ready to be released.


I think Lenovo did a pretty good job responding to this problem.


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

2016-12-18, 19:07 PM


Sure, if Lenovo were starting from scratch, then yes it wasn't long to wait.


but they didn't start from scratch!


How long was this computer in Lenovo's engineering labs being developed before it went on sale? Did nobody think to test it with linux? Did their marketing department not think to ensure that when it went on sale it needed to be explicitly labelled with "incompatible with linux"?


I'm sure they have automated build, integration and testing tools when they produce new firmware for any device, so a small change like this should be straight-forward to pass through from coding to release.


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