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Punch Card
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

Today lenovo released a new bios but without any change to our problem.


BIOS is dated with 2016-08-11 and changes from readme:


- (Important) 1. Add UEFI secure issue workaround.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

After some digging in the BIOS code, it looks like this is what's happening:



This code loops over the configuration pages and adds them to the screen that will be shown, but if it is the Main, Advanced, or Power page, it is intentionally skipped.  Moreover, since the skipping is hard-coded, there simply does not exist any hidden hotkey or password which will bring up these pages.  We are out of luck unless Lenovo or Insyde gives us permission to use something other than Windows 10.


Attention, development team to whom this was dubiously escalated: here's the problem, I found it for you, it's a thirty-second fix for the others who are patiently waiting.  As for me, I've got one week left before I have to put this useless piece of (otherwise quite nice) hardware directly on eBay, at which point neither I nor my CS department will be getting another Lenovo for a long time.

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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

So basically it's a 30 second fix, and they hardcoded it to lock us out using a goto statement (I'm also a professional software engineer) -- they released yet another update without helping us; I am beyond $#@!ed now. Thanks for REing this for us @djpohly

Punch Card
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

I am having a difficult time understanding why they *would* do this in the first place. Any explanation that I can come up with is not good. Lenovo, can you help us out here?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

I am having the same problem, cannot install linux on my newly bought lenovo yoga 900s. I have been buying dell laptops (2) so far, knowing how linux-compatible they tend be. This was the first time I went for a Lenovo, and this is what happened. I really expect Lenovo to fix this, particularly in the light of what has been evidenced by djpohly (i.e. EASY and QUICK fix within reach). Otherwise I'll have to go down the road of ebay for selling this laptop, and go back to the Texas manufacturer.

What's DOS?
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

This is just to register my interest in this issue. I would also very much like to install Ubuntu 16.04 on a Yoga 900-13. Thanks for your consideration.

Punch Card
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

[Regarding Clean Install of Windows 10 over Lenovo drives that came with RAID controller]


Hi jd180while it is true that many users are facing issues with Linux installation on recent Lenovo laptops because of its RAID controller causing SSD drives not to be found, it is untrue for your claim that Windows 10 cannot be re-installed due to the same reason. Do check out my solution posted here: Guide: How-to Clean Install Windows 10 on Recent Lenovo Ultrabooks with RAID Controller

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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

I had a T540p in my last job. My experience with locked bioses and whitelisted wifi cards is why I, and my employers (whenever I can influence them) won't buy any more Lenovo laptops.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

hi Amy (or other Lenovo staff)


It's been a couple of months since this BIOS update was requested: has there been any progress on this yet???


Like others on this list I just bought a new Yoga 900s. Beautiful machine! But I just can't believe that a modern laptop like this would not support dual booting. It sounds as if the fix is neither difficult nor time consuming. 


Could you please provide an update?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04 on Yoga 900S

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