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K330B 7747 Mint 19.1 xfce with CPU Upgrade. Graphics Upgrade planned

     I have a IdeaCentre K330B 7742 desktop, mfr date 3/2/2012, that we recently replaced with a newer PC. It came with windows 7 originally, and mostly worked alright for the past 6 plus years. It started getting laggy and draggy, so I pulled it out of the lineup. Figured I would tinker with it a bit being it is no longer a daily driver. 

   I also enjoy playing around with linux operating systems ( Usually getting myself into trouble because I am not very well versed in linux ) Anyway, I thought if I loaded a lightweight linux distribution on it and maybe upgraded the CPU, I would have a viable garage computer. Had recently downloaded  a copy of Mint 19.1 xfce and loaded that on a new, but lame spec, laptop I bought. That is another story, but I was happy with how snappy and responsive the machine was with that operating system. And it found all the hardware, hooked up with the wireless. Everything worked great. 

    So I loaded it on this desktop and was really wowed by how well it worked. And, even though it did not need it, I had already set my mind on upgrading the CPU if I could do it without alot of $.

Stock original- 

Intel CPU G630 @ 2.70GHz

After digging around on various sites I found a table on CPU-Upgrade that had multiple Socket 1155 Sandy Bridge core processors listed with varying % of possibilities they would work in any given m'board. After a bit of digging and checking on Ebay, for $ 22.00 delivered, I decided to go with the-

 Intel CPU Core i5-2320 @ 3.00GHz w/ Turbo 3.3GHz

It was listed as 93% chance of working. I was worried about heat as I planned to use the stock cooler. But, cleaned up the heat sink and CPU, put down some new thermal paste and fired it up. Works awesome ! 37C at idle. Linux is working Minty Fresh.( Sorry, could't resist ) My hardinfo results look good. I plan to stress test it with P95 to confirm.  

     Now I am looking at maybe putting in a GTX 460 graphics card. I think I will have to change out the power supply for that one though.  I will post if I do. 

Thought this info might help someone thinking about extending the life of one of these. 

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