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Paper Tape
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T430 linux installation

Hello all. Recently bought a T430 (ebay) with ssd win10 installed. When I updated win10, it started to crash. It would get stuck on the windows logo. So I reformatted the ssd and tried to install linux mint 19. The linux live usb would boot, but it would not recognize the ssd when I try to install. Thinking it was a faulty drive, I changed it to the extra ssd that I have, but it still won’t get recognized. I also tried booting using a linux usb flash drive that I created, but it won’t boot. I would get to the Grub menu, but after selecting Linux Mint it would just get stuck on a blank screen. Weirdly enough, I was able to install windows 7 so at least I can use the laptop. So I’m not sure why LM19 won’t work on this machine. 


Secure boot is Disabled. 

UEFI/Legacy Boot is set to Both

Boot priority is UEFI First

CSM Support is set to Yes

Paper Tape
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Re: T430 linux installation

Hi hatchoo, have you checked `lsblk`, `dmesg`, etc, to confirm that the drive is not detected and attached by the kernel? You can also use the "Disks" utility (comes with LM and should be in the bootable ISO) to check for the existence of the drive. You may need to run `wipefs -a /dev/sdX` against the drive if the kernel indeed detects and attaches it, before the Linux Mint installer will prompt to install LM19 to it. HTH

Paper Tape
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Re: T430 linux installation

loop0          7:0          0      1.8G     1       loop   /rofs
sdb              8:16        1     29.1G    0      disk 
└─sdb1      8:17         1     29.1G    0      part    /cdrom
sr0             11:0          1     1024M   0      rom  

dmesg gave me long list.  Let me know if you want me to list the results here as well.



I ran Disks and it was able to see the ssd.  At first is shows me the win7 parition under the Volumes.  However, as soon as I try to install LM19, the Volumes changed to "No Media".  I also ran GParted and it was not able to detect the ssd.

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