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Paper Tape
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X280 live booting ubuntu with secure boot


I have an X280 running windows 10, which has secure boot enabled. To boot to windows I enter my Bitlocker PIN. I would like to continue using bitlocker and secure boot for windows.

I would additionally like to live boot to Ubuntu from a USB drive, using the additional storage on the USB as persistent storage - I don't want access to the main Windows hard drive or any internal storage at all, just to use my seperate ubuntu OS on the X280 hardware.


Ubuntu 18.04 says that it has UEFI support, which I believe is required to boot in a secure boot environment.


My approach so far:
- I press enter during startup, to bring up the boot options menu, and then press F12 to bring up the boot order menu.

- The boot order menu has PCI **bleep** at the top, followed by USB, followed by the internal Hard Drive.

- When I select the USB option, the screen... 'flickers' once? And then still shows the same boot order screen. I don't seem to be able to load from the USB at this screen.
- When I click the internal Hard Drive, the system then goes to boot from the internal hard drive - at this point it asks me to enter my Bitlocker Pin and then the Bitlocker Recovery Key, which is expected as the hardware configuration has changed. I can always remove the USB drive and then load to Windows as usual.

So in short - any tips on getting Live Boot from ubuntu to work on an x280? Am I doing anything wrong?




Paper Tape
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Re: X280 live booting ubuntu with secure boot

For a little additional info - I've confirmed that my Win10 is installed in UEFI mode.
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Community SeniorMod
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Re: X280 live booting ubuntu with secure boot



I just grabbed my X280, made an 18.04 flash drive, and it boots fine in UEFI mode with Secure Boot on.  I don't have bitlocker enabled, but I wouldn't expect that to keep a live drive from booting.  - that's my expectation, not my experience -  How have you prepared your live drive?


About your idea to boot live boot and use persistence - that's been broken since 17.x or so.  I reported the bug some time ago - but no joy Smiley Sad


The only way to get persistence - as in being able to add/remove software, update the distro, etc - you'll need to boot an actual installed OS, not a live OS.  If you only need persistent _data_ storage, you can do that with a 2nd partition (difficult to manage in Windows, easy in Linux) or by making your live drive writable (mount -o remount rw ...) every time you boot.


The 2nd partition issues apply to flash drives.  An external drive that looks like a hard drive can be managed easily in Windows. For that I use an external USB-C/NVMe enclosure with an SSD in it.  Live Ubuntu in a FAT32 partition, data storage in a big NTFS partition.  Fast and high-capacity Smiley Happy


[edit to add] If you're using an external HDD or SSD you can use an installed Ubuntu there rather than live booting.  It may require some care to keep the install from stepping on the boot loader in your primary drive.




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