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YOGA 710-15ikb NOISY Ubuntu

Lenovo support, thank you for bios solution for windows it's really helpful, but you forgot one thing. That thing is Linux users!! Instalation Linux for that laptop is like a developers quiz, you should become UNIX developer to start FREE Ubuntu on that device. After installation new issues - drivers. What`s going on, Lenovo? I can't use my fingerprint on it, cause no drivers!!!! And the most painfull for me: NOIZE from laptop, it`s like a reactive rocket, on battery it work just 2-3 hours(at the same time linux use less CPU and RAM). Hopeful you'll provide any solution for us (Linux users).

Best regards,

What's DOS?
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Re: YOGA 710-15ikb NOISY Ubuntu

I have similar feelings.  I bought the same computer 2 weeks ago and finally got it to boot linux today.  I've spent about 12 hours on just getting it to boot, with the main problem being the graphics cards.  It seems that neither the integrated Intel graphics nor the NVIDIA card are well supported. Currently I have the NVIDIA disabled in BIOS and had to modify kernel parameters just to get Intel working.  I shudder at the thought of even trying to get this working properly.


And yes, the BIOS update! Why does that have to be a Windows .exe file? There is no reason to require purchasers of Lenovo computers to run WIndows in order to make the Lenovo hardware behave properly. Release BIOS updates that can be installed from bootable USB.  I do still have Win10 installed so I can update it that way, but I don't want to keep Windows on this small SSD just to install future BIOS updates. 


It is Lenovo's responsibility to provide firmware that makes the hardware work as advertised and as purchasers expect it to work. It is ridiculous to force purchasers of a $1000 computer to use a particular OS just to make the hardware functional.


It would also be very helpful if there was documentation on how to get both graphics cards working in linux.  Is certain firmware required from Intel/NVIDIA? Is any Linux kernel recommended over others?


I have never had a more frustrating experience with a new computer.

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