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Re: How do I lower the saturation on my W520, the reds are burning into my eyes

Do things look normal in Photoshop?
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Re: How do I lower the saturation on my W520, the reds are burning into my eyes

The best thing Lenovo can do at this point, is to provide a new color profile based on the model of display that you have (most manufacturers dual-source these types of components, so there should be more than one vendor/model# for each type of display). The new profile should be based on one from a high-quality external color-calibrator, and not the calibrator that optionally comes built-into the W510/W520 (which reports indicate is inadequate for RGB-LED-backlit displays, although it worked fine with the fluorescent-backlit display of the W700). The current Lenovo-supplied default profile may very well be based on that inadequate calibrator. I base this statement on this thread, in which a user claims to have talked to the makers of the built-in calibrator, and solved the problem by taking their advice to use a more advanced external calibrator. The new profile won't be perfect, due to unit-to-unit variations, but should be better than the profile you have now.

If you want Lenovo to do this, then you should PM a Lenovo employee that you see in this forum (employees show up in blue, the employees in charge show up in red) and politely ask for that. Don't expect them to discover this thread and magically fulfill your request, which only happens occasionally, as this is primarily a user-to-user support forum. If they receive enough requests, they may act to provide the above solution. They act mainly on problems experienced by substantial numbers of users, when those users contact them about the problem.

You can complain to the user community (which has happened over and over again in this forum regarding this problem), which is like preaching to the choir, or you can do something constructive to help solve the problem. Unfortunately, users often start a new thread when they have a problem, instead of searching for and adding to an existing thread on the topic, which would become very long and attract Lenovo's attention. In the end, Lenovo doesn't want its customers to suffer from a problem, particularly if it can be easily solved, when pointed out to them by users.