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Solutions for CapsLock / NumLock indicator always show on the screen when enabled

<h2>Question</h2> <p>Some of my friends using ThinkPads and realize when the numeric lock or caps lock is ON and the indicator would just stay there for a long time. Is there anyway to have the indicators display for a few seconds instead of staying there for a long time?</p> <h2>Answer</h2> <p><strong>May apply to most ThinkPad with newer version of On-screen display.</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>For those who wants to prevent the indicator to always show on the screen when CapLock / NumLock is On or Off, at the Desktop, right-click and go to Screen Resolution, click Advanced Settings, go to the On Screen Display tab, ensure Show the indicator for a few seconds are selected for both While the numeric lock or the caps lock is ON / OFF.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img src="http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/8359iE372DEF2E9E6C66E/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" border="0" alt="onscreen.jpg" title="onscreen.jpg" align="center" /></p>

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naraghu On 2013-09-12, 9:38 AM
<p>I do not get the CapsLock indication on screen. I tried this solution, but I do not have the onscreen display option itself. My laptop is E430 operating on Windows 7 Pro. Please advise</p>
weselko On 2014-07-08, 8:00 AM
w540 - working like a charm
dhermosillo On 2014-07-24, 21:27 PM
<p>How are the indicators controlled indepenently?</p><p> </p><p>I want to have caps lock icon ON when caps lock is activated, but the lum lock icon OFF when num lock is activated.</p>
girishadat On 2014-09-10, 7:25 AM
<p>Same qustion as above: How to handle the caps lock and num lock independently?</p><p> </p><p>On my E431, I need Caps Lock visible when Caps Lock is ON (and does not show it when it is OFF). I don't want this feature for Num Lock since this lap does not have Number Keyboard. Unfortunately when I do this for getting Caps Lock ON displayed always, the Num Lock HID is also getting displayed permanently. :smileyindifferent:</p><p> </p>
CITKat On 2015-06-05, 17:11 PM

This saved me so much heartache on our W540s...works like a charm!

Bauden On 2015-08-30, 4:13 AM
Ya, right, . . . but maybe there should be a light under the CapsLock and NumLock keys like the one under the Fn key.... Which is a waste, as it's on all the time when in the NORMAL F1-12 function. Ummm??? In fact the light should be on, when using the special Lenovo assigned functions. It's reverse thinking. Another workaround for a workstation,
BrendaEM On 2015-09-24, 16:49 PM

I just did an update that defaulted the numlock indicator on, all the time.

In all the things I have to do this morning, I had to fix it.

Please, stop it!


I am starting to think that the computer user experience has past its prime.




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