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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎04-29-2012
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W520 Overheat Problem

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Quadro 1000M

4 x 4GB


I cannot run "Crysis 2"(standard effect@1366x768) smoothly under my W520.

Symptom: In game play, the fps (frames per second) may suddenly drop to about 2 fps for 5 to 10 second and then get back to normal 22 fps. 


After my investigation, I found that the "Quadro 1000M" will activate thermal protection (throttling to minimum speed) itself once it goes into 78c~up (degree celsius). 


1. Is it a normal temperature for W520?

2. Should I take my W520 to Lenovo for checking?

3. Is it fixable?

4. Or, if it is not fixable, can I and how can I make the "Quadro 1000M" always run in something like 80% speed for preventing the thermal protection being activated?

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Re: W520 Overheat Problem

That doesn't sound normal at all.

Check to make sure your fans aren't clogged with dust and that the heatsink isn't loose.
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