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Punch Card
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defective DVD writer with my new order

I just received my order 3 days ago, but I had found that the DVD writer came with my W500 cannot read any DVD/CDs.


I had tried several different CD/DVDs, including the recovery discs that came with they system, no luck at all.

while at the same time, my desktop, fujitsu laptop have no problem to read those DVD/CDs.


I am pretty sure the writer came with the system is defective. how can I fix it?


before I placed the order, I worried about the keyboard issue, but at the end it turned into DVD writer issue for me.


how can I get a new dvd writer?



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Re: defective DVD writer with my new order

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Hello Bluemoon,


please let PcDoctor or Lenovo Tool Box check your system.

You´l find these programs on Lenovo support pages. See link on top of this page.

Then contact support with your results.

They problably will send you a new one.

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Punch Card
Posts: 29
Registered: ‎10-09-2008
Location: Canada

Re: defective DVD writer with my new order

thanks for the suggestion,

and I did the test with the recovery disc, and also music cd, Pc doctor says tests have failed.


I think the dvd writer is really defective