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About Posting Pictures In The Forums

There can be no doubt that a picture within a post can provide a wealth of valuable information to readers which, depending on the point to be made, could be difficult to describe in words resulting in long or difficult to read posts and possible misunderstanding of the situation.


The forum guidelines request that members do not embed pictures in posts larger than 100K; this can cause slow-downs in performance and difficulties for members on low speed internet connections or accessing the forums through mobile providers with data volume limitations. In respect of these points it is also important to ensure that the number of pictures embedded in a post be kept to a minimum. As a result of these points moderators may, at their discretion, convert any embedded picture exceeding the 100K limit, or unnecessary multiple embedded pictures, to links within the post.


When embedding pictures in a posts it is not only important to keep the data size limit in mind, but also the ability to read or view the information which needs to be conveyed; the forum software will automatically shrink any picture above 790 pixels in width to 790 pixel in width rendering, for example, text in an FHD full screenshot unreadable. In such cases where a picture cannot meet these criteria it becomes favourable to post a link to the picture rather than embed one which does not, or cannot, convey the necessary information. Moderators may, at their discretion, convert possibly unreadable or unclear pictures to links.



Simple Tips On Posting Pictures Or Links




To embed a picture in a post which is saved to the local hard drive, has already been uploaded to the forum or is hosted on an external site the Insert Picture button needs to be selected in the toolbar. A dialogue window will open where it will be necessary to choose the appropriate tab relevant to the picture's location, select the picture to be embedded or enter the URL to the picture if hosted externally accordingly and then select Insert in the dialogue box to complete the process.


To enter a link to a picture, rather than embed, which will be opened in the same or new window, select and mark relevant text in your post e.g. "Link to picture" and then select the Insert Hyperlink button in the toolbar. A dialogue window will open enabling the URL of the picture to be entered along with whether or not the picture should be opened in the same window or a new window.

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andyP On 2014-05-21, 7:37 AM
andyP On 2014-05-23, 21:54 PM
Cajunkid On 2014-06-04, 15:53 PM

Good morning,

That was good information about posting pictures to a thread.

Today is my first day.

I have confirmed my email and cannot find where or how to make a post.

Can someone please help?

andyP On 2014-06-04, 16:14 PM

Hi Cajunkid, welcome to the forums,


thanks for the kind words.  If there isn't already a thread on your topic, please see the following artcle about creating a new post;



andyP On 2014-07-19, 11:41 AM
Andy_Lenovo On 2015-05-18, 5:54 AM
Menaka On 2015-07-22, 18:42 PM

I have become the proud owner of Lenovo A7000. Ihave put on TEXT TO speech application/ App. But unable to switch off Text to speech  applicaton. The sceen gusturs are also mis behaving. Can some expert advice  How to put off text to speech application       J Menaka

uga On 2015-09-20, 7:38 AM

I can't see the icon "Insert picture". Did Lenovo remove it or do I have to enable something? I searched my profile settings but could not find anything. Please post a note if I should see this icon or if you changed the toolbar of the Post formular. Also the 6th an 7th icons are different as those on your "Simple Tips On Posting Pictures Or Links" graphic above. Please explain.



dragnoak On 2015-09-20, 17:42 PM

Hi uga,


     The "Insert picture" icon is in the "Post a Comment" box. After you start typing in the box, the icon should be activated. The icon has recently changed, due to a Lithium upgrade, but see this picture for the most recent location/icon:







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