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There can be no doubt that a picture within a post can provide a wealth of valuable information to readers which, depending on the point to be made, could be difficult to describe in words resulting in long or difficult to read posts and possible misunderstanding of the situation.


The forum guidelines request that members do not embed pictures in posts larger than 100K; this can cause slow-downs in performance and difficulties for members on low speed internet connections or accessing the forums through mobile providers with data volume limitations. In respect of these points it is also important to ensure that the number of pictures embedded in a post be kept to a minimum. As a result of these points moderators may, at their discretion, convert any embedded picture exceeding the 100K limit, or unnecessary multiple embedded pictures, to links within the post.


When embedding pictures in a posts it is not only important to keep the data size limit in mind, but also the ability to read or view the information which needs to be conveyed; the forum software will automatically shrink any picture above 790 pixels in width to 790 pixel in width rendering, for example, text in an FHD full screenshot unreadable. In such cases where a picture cannot meet these criteria it becomes favourable to post a link to the picture rather than embed one which does not, or cannot, convey the necessary information. Moderators may, at their discretion, convert possibly unreadable or unclear pictures to links.



Simple Tips On Posting Pictures Or Links




To embed a picture in a post which is saved to the local hard drive, has already been uploaded to the forum or is hosted on an external site the Insert Picture button needs to be selected in the toolbar. A dialogue window will open where it will be necessary to choose the appropriate tab relevant to the picture's location, select the picture to be embedded or enter the URL to the picture if hosted externally accordingly and then select Insert in the dialogue box to complete the process.


To enter a link to a picture, rather than embed, which will be opened in the same or new window, select and mark relevant text in your post e.g. "Link to picture" and then select the Insert Hyperlink button in the toolbar. A dialogue window will open enabling the URL of the picture to be entered along with whether or not the picture should be opened in the same window or a new window.

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Good morning,

That was good information about posting pictures to a thread.

Today is my first day.

I have confirmed my email and cannot find where or how to make a post.

Can someone please help?

Hi Cajunkid, welcome to the forums,


thanks for the kind words.  If there isn't already a thread on your topic, please see the following artcle about creating a new post;


I have become the proud owner of Lenovo A7000. Ihave put on TEXT TO speech application/ App. But unable to switch off Text to speech  applicaton. The sceen gusturs are also mis behaving. Can some expert advice  How to put off text to speech application       J Menaka


I can't see the icon "Insert picture". Did Lenovo remove it or do I have to enable something? I searched my profile settings but could not find anything. Please post a note if I should see this icon or if you changed the toolbar of the Post formular. Also the 6th an 7th icons are different as those on your "Simple Tips On Posting Pictures Or Links" graphic above. Please explain.



Hi uga,


     The "Insert picture" icon is in the "Post a Comment" box. After you start typing in the box, the icon should be activated. The icon has recently changed, due to a Lithium upgrade, but see this picture for the most recent location/icon:








Sorry DargonRider, the icon encirceled by you is definitely not shown in the formular that I see. Just in this moment as I write this post I can compare the icon bar of the formular I write into right now and the icon bar that you posted in your answer. There are several differences. I took a screenshot and uploaded it: Please have a look for yourself and compare the design of the formular. You must see the following differences:

1. I don't have the Macros dropdown menu in the upper right corner.

2. I don't have the HTML tab.

3. The menu group that contains the link icon does only contain this link icon in my menu bar. Your menu bar contains 3 icons, including the "Insert picture" icon.


Please check it.



100k limit is way too small. In fact smaller than what most forum require for an Avatar and that is pretty small.

Pointless to post a picture here. Not everyone is going to take the time to click on a link.

I have been a admistrator for a Corvette forum for over 12 years so I know a little about this. Smiley Wink


please i need to starte useing fingerprinte reader,

but i cant fined pictuer ico.


i dont have option for picture or attachment??


I have the same issue as uga, ain't any solution?

To All,


     I have been advised, that if you don't see the picture posting icon in your message, it could be because there is minimum number of posts that need to be made by a user, before the Lithuim software allows you to post an image. Most other on-line forums have the same restriction.


     Unfortunately, that minimum number of posts before you are allowed to insert a picture, is not available at this time. It may be 5, but don't hold me to that number. It's only my speculation. Smiley LOL






I've been trying to find my way into a forum where I can post a simple "How To" question, 2 hours so far (today alone!)  Best I can find is something in a thread with some other users who've apparently experienced the same problem, and your answer has something to do with needing to be at the "board" level vs the community level.  But even with that, I still can't figure out how to navigate to the "board" level, or what that even means.  Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me.  


This is pretty painful.  There is a complete "how to" in the Help section on the image gallery.  Actually, 2 sections.  Doesn't work.


There's a post here about it.  And thankfully, no one knows other than, yup, there appears to be varying levels of ability to post pictures.


It's great that a forum that mostly exists for people to troubleshoot their computers is riddled with it's own problems.


No really, I'm not frustrated that I spent another 20 minutes trying to post a picture to support troubleshooting my computer woes.


I just spent over 1/2 hour trying to figure out how to post a picture to try and help someone who is having a problem with his ThinkPad.  After reading through this thread, I have concluded that no one seems to know how many posts are needed before the icon appears to be able to post a picture.


Also, is the file limit still 100K?  That's way too small.  I doubt anyone anymore still uses dial-up.  Smiley Frustrated


I can't even get my pic under 100k, mainly because of the problem I'm having with my tablet that caused the need for support, and I can't find a support thread, either. My tablet was fine yesterday. Today? Words are missing. Important words. The words that are next to the icons in the main menu, telling you what the icon IS so if you don't happen to have that icon memorized you know what program you are opening. Words that are next to - this is the important one - the WI-FI ICONS SO YOU KNOW WHOSE WI-FI YOU ARE TRYING TO CONNECT TO. Yes. I shouted that. Because it's a shoutable offense. When I opened up the Lenovo Companion app to update it? No words, except for the titles "Description" and "Available on:" which quite frankly weren't very helpful. OH. I got a pic to post.


I realize this isn't the right forum, but I'm grasping at straws. I will continue my search for the correct forum. I do LOVE my ThinkPad. I cannot deny that. I've had it for two and a half years and I would buy another, because I travel for work and I don't want to lug around a laptop, but I write a lot and need a Windows based tablet for Scrivener, and this thing has been amazing. But I NEED WORDS, not icons. I am not a caveman. Yet. If someone can help me, I will be very appreciative.


Laura the wordless.



start menu.png




Hi Lenovo k33a48 Model Gallery not showing how to use with out gallery any update.


Laura the wordless is a big understatement! Smiley Surprised


聯想 您好,
 本人於民國一百零六年七月九日於網路商店PCHOME購買聯想筆電Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB,
商品ID為DHBF0H-A900860LO-000,共計四萬零九百元整,商品於民國一百零六年七月十號至十一號之間才拿到商品,因本人平時使用電腦的習慣大都使用USB滑鼠,因此在七日內(民國一百零六年七月十八日)無發現商品的故障缺陷與瑕疵,使用約七日時(民國一百零六年七月十八日)才測試到筆電的touch pad功能故障無法使用,當日有把商品拿到聯想新竹維修站檢測,聯想維修站檢測人員回報可能是驅動不支援或硬體故障需進一步檢測,當時筆電內部存有個資與重要資料,因此隔日(民國一百零六年七月十九日)再拿到聯想維修站送修,於民國一百零六年七月二十日接到聯想客服來電,說明商品的touch pad功能故障需更換零件,但零件沒庫存需調達等待比較長時間。
  由上所述,本人購買聯想電腦全新筆電Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB有故障瑕疵,並維修時間至今長達約兩週,導致本人無法與一般消費者同等使用電腦作業,依民法第359條解除契約或減少價金條文,請求聯想退貨並歸還金額四萬零九百元整解除契約或減價優惠相關補償替代方案。
Lenovo Hello,
 I am very angry.

 I was in July 9, 2017 in the Internet shop PCHOME to purchase Lenovo notebook Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB,
The product ID is DHBF0H-A900860LO-000, a total of $40,900(TWD), the goods in July 10, 10 to 11 between the only get goods, because I usually use the computer habits are mostly used USB mouse, so within seven days (July 18, 2017) no product defects and defects found, the use of about seven days (July 18, 2017) to test to touch pad function failure can not be used, the day to get the goods to the Lenovo Hsinchu maintenance station detection, Lenovo repair station detection staff may be driven not support or hardware failure to be further testing, when the laptop has a personal internal and Important information, so every other day (July 16, 2017) and then get the Lenovo repair station repair, in July 20, 2017 received Lenovo customer service calls, indicating the goods touch pad Functional failure to replace the parts, but the parts did not have to wait for a long time to wait.
  On the basis of the above, I buy Lenovo computer new notebook Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB defective defects, and maintenance time has been up to about two weeks, resulting in I can not use the same computer with the average consumer, according to Article 359 of the Civil Code to terminate the contract or Reduce the price of the provisions of the request to return the return of the amount of return and the amount of $40,900 (TWD)to lift the contract or discount concessions related compensation alternative.

Consumers:Kao-Ping , Hsu
 August 2, 2017

I am facing problem in posting my issue regarding installation of system update for my Lenovo P2.

I received an update file of 1957 mb, but after downloading it gaves an error and regret to install the update.prompting this message:

System Update

Upgrade package signature does not match, cannot install this upgrade package.

Please me understand what is problem.


Thanks for your guidance. Let me try to post picture now.


Hello!  I want to post a query but can't seem to find any way of doing it (the odd random 'post' button that I find doesn't do anything ... I appear to have direct messaged someone in the hope of posting my query ... which is:


'I have a Thinkpad 13 (2nd gen) given to me by my work.  I love it so much I wanted one for personal use and managed to track one down online.  I assumed the laptop to be brand new (as the price suggested also), but when I set up there was a Toshiba background on the desktop ... does this mean it's a refurb?!  This may be a really silly query, but I am a computer novice really and just want to make sure that I have purchased something that is brand new and has not been reconditioned.'


... That's all I want to know! Smiley Sad