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The Lenovo Community Knowledge Base is integrated with the discussion forums and allows members to find valuable articles through search, or by browsing the knowledge base directly related to a particular set of products and using date range and categorization labels to narrow the range of results.


The Community provides easy navigation from the discussion forum areas to the related Knowledge Base functions.  Simply click the small book icon to the right of a discussion board to access the related KB.




If a discussion board does not have the book icon to the right of it, this means that the knowledge base for that forum has not been activated.  These will be systematically rolled out over the course of several weeks begining in mid-May 2010, and we expect to have most KBs activated with some starting articles in place by June, 2010.  The value of this resource will grow over time as more community members begin to contribute and harvest the collective knowledge of thousands of existing solutions .


Available articles in the specific KB are displayed 1 to X and may be browsed by pages.  The filter functions in the left navigation may be used to refine displayed articles by date range and labeled content.   Depending upon member permission levels, additional filter options may be provided for article and publication status. The search function at the top of the page can be used in normal search or advanced mode and will search the knowledge base and forum discussion areas based on the terms entered.


Depending on member rank and permissions granted, the Knowledge Base Dashboard provides additional options to help manage articles.    Nominated discussions and solutions may be provisionally accepted or rejected, and articles started from scratch or based upon previously nominated discussions and solutions. 





Community members can collaborate to build more complex articles, drawing in content from the original forum discussions they were based upon, supplemented with additional content.  The Community Knowledge Base keeps track of content authorship, and credits the original material's author as a contributor whether or not he or she is the member editing / building the KB article.  


Drafts may be saved and revision histories are maintained and may be compared while editing to allow collaborating members to keep up with changes being made by other members.  When an article is ready , it can be submitted for publication.


Once published, the community can comment on articles, and this feedback can be a valuable way to collect additional information to be included in a future edit.  More advanced members may edit and republish unrestricted articles.


Learn more about the Lenovo Community Knowledge Base:


Nominating discussions and leaving comments


Starting articles from scratch


Creating articles from existing forum discussions and solutions


Editing / Working with drafts and updating published articles

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Moved to ThinkPad Edge Discussion
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fngord On 2014-04-22, 8:24 AM

Dear all I am using a lenovo 3000 N100 machine, Model 0689, with 32 bits running XP . I upgrades 3 days ago to Windows 8.1. The update went well but for one thing -  I do no have any sound now.  The machine has a Digital Audo (S/PDIF) High definition device.


I have tried several things without success. I am hopeful that someone in the community has a solution.


Secondly I backed up all my files prior to the upgrade using the backup facility on XP. How do I restore these files ? Win 8.1 does not seems to have the same backup program that XP had.


I am getting extremely worried now.

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