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Dear all I am using a lenovo 3000 N100 machine, Model 0689, with 32 bits running XP . I upgrades 3 days ago to Windows 8.1. The update went well but for one thing -  I do no have any sound now.  The machine has a Digital Audo (S/PDIF) High definition device.


I have tried several things without success. I am hopeful that someone in the community has a solution.


Secondly I backed up all my files prior to the upgrade using the backup facility on XP. How do I restore these files ? Win 8.1 does not seems to have the same backup program that XP had.


I am getting extremely worried now.


My new Lenovo B590 laptop has a magnifier which increases and decreases the size of the screen with no input from me.  There's no pattern.  I have to constantly reset it to default.  I have unchecked the "start magnifier" option in the display options to no avail.  The thing has a mind of its own!  If I can't correct it, can I disable the function permanently?  I don't need it.  Don't want it!  Thank you!  (Screen size changed twice while I typed this!)


Is there a sure way of getting Adobe flash player onto my Idea tab S2110A???


tengo una AIO C240 comprada en un hipermercado y vino con contraseña,pense que seria facil desactivarla,pero es mas complicado de lo que parece.

Al inicia aparece  Power-On Password y logicamente no lo se.Intente al iniciar el Logo de Lenovo pusando Enter

opciones de arranque y setup pulso F1 y no entyra al Bios SEtup recien lo hace al pulsar la tecla Esc

Mi consulta recide en esto puedo borrar el Power-on  y Bios  password de alguna manera ??

Serian tan amable de enseñarme a resolver este problema,saludos y gracias


I have a C240 AIO bought in a supermarket wine and password, I thought it would be easy to turn it off, but it is more complicated than it seems.
Appears to start Power-On Password and logically not se.Intente to start Lenovo Logo to Enter pusando
boot options and pulse F1 setup and not the BIOS Setup newly entyra does pressing the Esc key
My view on this recide I clear BIOS Power-on and password somehow?
Would be kind enough to teach me how to resolve this issue, greetings and thanks


How do I connect my JVC Camcorder GRd93 to my Lenovo H5 compuer operatying on Windows 8.1?

My cam corder has a DV connection but the computer has only HDMI. Could these be linked?


hello , I have problem in rebooting the system using bootable error occurs with the message "INVALID PRODUCT KEY" though i am not getting any option to enter KEY..System directly give me this message....What should i do???????????????


G470 cannot upgrade to IE11 or IE10 due to Win7 BSOD.

G470 notebook, Windows 7, BSOD Iqdpmd64.sys " Page fault in non paged area" running Internet Explorer 11 ( you can re-create this BSOD with playing multiple Youtube video tabs at the same time). 

The BSOD seems to occurring to labtops with Internal VGA graphics and AMD( ATI ) graphics together. My desktop and old Thinkpad X61 have no problem with IE11 + Win7.

HP forum tells to remove KB2670838 to fix the same symptom. But if you do, IE 11 is either removed together during the process and returns to IE8 or IE9 - if you have KB2834140  installed. MS is withdrawing support for old IEs and forces to go with IE11 but G470 with Win7 cannot go. I have tried latest VGA drivers without problem fix. 

So who should fix the problem?  MS or Lenovo?


Look at Google search: There's no fix for most Lenovo Laptops other than uninstall the "evil update KB2670838 " at this time... So have to stay with IE9,,,


hi admins


please help with my Lenovo g475, after i cleanboot, its always beeping and blackscreen everytime i rebooting


I bought the Flex 2 14 last month but cannot install my prized software, SAS Ver 9.2.  I am getting the following error message : This application does not support your platform.


The instruction from SAS is to remove the Windows Update KB2919355, but I cannot remove the file. Whenever I right click on the file the uninstall option does not come up.


My co-worker with another brand machine had the same problem, but when the solution from SAS is applied it works on his machine. Software install and works quite well.


Solution from SAS is to remove the update KB2919355. Instruction to remove update: Go to Control Panel, System Security, Windows Update. Check KB2919355, Right Click and Uninstall.


I really need a solution to this problem, because I am not able to work on the go just now. I really need help badly in this regard.


I have a S series Lenovo phone S660, Last week it was upgraded from Jelly bean to Kitkat.But now problem is battery charging duration high as compare to first.And his camera is not working properly after upgraded to kitkat.Kindly fix it the problem asap.


Sashanka Sekhar Dalpat

"JYOTI", Jharuapara,Sunari Lane

Sambalpur, Odisha,768001



Hi to all, I'm a complete newbie to pc etc, so bear with me as I need instructions to help with my problem. In trying to get Netflix I get an ERROR CODE W8158, I'm using a Lenovo Hseries H520 on windows 8, I did try to get Windows 8.1 but things have went downhill since then. Thanks


Hi, I've Lenovo s820 mobile and internet settings are not downloadable on the device. I tried with all top mobile sims - idea, reliance, airtel, docomo but receiving message similar to "not compatible". can you help me how to sort out this problem.. Wifi is working fine.. problem is only with not able receive internet settings with which i'm not able to use internet - 2g/3g. My serial no. is HB065BYF(81)


i have laptop L420 model.when I press Fn-F5-massage appear your

Wireless device is turn on now .please use but Bluetooth icon not appear & Wi-Fi not on

So I check Driver, setting, replace part but not issue resolved.

Please suggest me.



There were a LOT of issues with looong boot times after BIOS update. This solves the issue (worked 100% on my T500). This problem is NOT software related. User must wait for boot screen and enter BIOS to edit two fields.


If these long boot symptoms, following the BIOS update occur, multiple customers have reported success in resolving them  by disabling Intel AMT and setting the security chip, TPM, as active in the BIOS.


Steps to disable Intel AMT and enable TPM settings as below.


  1. Boot into BIOS
  2. Select Config
  3. Select Intel AMT
  4. Press Enter key on Intel AMT Control and select Disable
  5. Press ESC twice
  6. Select Security
  7. Select Security chip and select Enable
  8. Press F10 and click Yes.

My Lenovo laptop G580 displays error code Oxc0000185 then switches itself off, what can I do to stop this, it will not stay on long enough for me to activate any repair programme?


I have a w540 Thinkpad with Windows 7 64-bit.  My Microsoft Vitual Wifi miniport adapter and Microsoft Vitual Wifi miniport adapter #2 keep getting turned off.  I would like to know why, and what I need to do to stop it. 


On my W540 Thinkpad with Windows 7 64-bit, I keep getting messages from my Device Manager that the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter and the  Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter #2 have stopped working.  In order to find out anything about it, I have to switch to the Administrative account.  When I do so, and look at the Device Manager, both devices report that "Windows has stopped the device because it reported problems (Code 43)"


What does this mean, and how do I fix it?


In my Lenovo (Android V4.4),Tab 2A7-10F, files ( audio and .jpg ),  sent from other blue tooth devices can not be received, though pairing and recognising is done at both the sending and receiving  (Lenovo Tab) devices. I was advised from the customer care centre to go for a " factory setting " , but this has not given any result. Can any one please help in sorting out the issue of transferring thru' Blue tooth.




help connecting USB external 2tb to tablet. yoga 2.10.... the external drive 2tb connect perfect. to a small tablets android 4.2 D w.  I bought a YOGA. 2 10 android 4.4. and. after. connecting it said empty USB... of course is not empty ...what do ineed to do???..thanks for. the help


help me install google play services in my lenovo A5500 android tablet and my lenovo S960, which are of Chinese versions.


I have a Yoga3.  When i turn it on I get these two errors:

lmcfrundll.exe unable to execute

BTTRAY unable to start BlueTooth stack service.


Please help!


I am not sure where to post my issue with my Sisley S90. But I hope you can direct me to the right path or help me with this concern.


I bought my Lenovo Sisley S90 about 3 weeks ago. I am currently having issues with my Google Play Music. Whenever I download music from an app or ask someone to bluetooth a music, it is automatically being deleted on my Google Play Music list. I tried uninstalling the downloader that i'm using, try to delete cache of the Google play but it's still happening. Is there a setting that I need to adjust on my phone, or is it a common issue? My friend also have the same phone but she is not experiencing any of these.

Thank you for your assistance!


Hi i have just joined the forum & could really use some help.I have a Lenovo C365 All In One ,model 10148,Windows 8. I can not watch videos,or play games as apparently Adobe Flash Player is Disabled ?? I believe my system has a built in flash player ?? Every time I try & play a game or watch a video it says you need to upgrade your Flash Player or    To play this game Adobe Flash Player version 11.2 or higher has to be installed. Any suggestions will be really appreciated.

hello, I couldnt start a topic. i have a big problem. My laptop z500 doesnt work aynmore because of charge problem and i sent my laptop Turkey/Istanbul service. But they also focused all of my laptop problems. i said them; no, i just want to solve charge problem but they didnt accepet it and give me a huge price for repair. I dont want to solve all problems like a few broken button or other problems. just repair my charge!! They never accept it. They want 250 usd for repair. i just bought my laptop 500 usd 3 years ago. The other things not problem for me. My problem is just charge problem. But they didnt accept it only repair my charge. I also pay some money them to take my laptop back witout repair. Pls pls help me. This is not fair at all. İ dont want a new z500 laptop i just want a little repair thing... i can apply a court for this but want your help before. thank you

Subject: New Lenovo P51 cannot support 4 displays (Notebook plus 3 external displays).


Message body:

Almost a week ago I received my new P51 loaded with all available components, as did my last Lenovo W530. The P51 appears to be a great machine.  My current problem is that I cannot display 4 screens (notebook plus 3 external displays). Since I have used my W530 with 4 displays for over two years I fully expected to achieve the same with an even more powerful Notebook.


The new P51 has two 512 GB SSD drives, the Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6 vPro MB CPU, a NVIDIA Quadro M2200M 4GB graphics card, 32GB(16+16) DDR4 2400 SoDIMM, a notebook display of P51 FHD NT 2D MC CS WLWW and the latest Windows 10, 64 bit operating system.


Since I received the P51 and its docking station (P/N: 40A50230US) I have connected the three external monitors to the docking station via a HDMI port, a DVI converter to HDMI and a Display Adapter converter to HDMI. The BIOS was updated to the latest and the 256 Mb default memory for the displays was increased to the 512 MG setting. I have also moved the displays and cables around to confirm that cables are fine and only two external displays will be seen at any time.


In speaking with Lenovo hardware support, one individual said I needed to subscribe to software support to get the BIOS changed. Later, a second person said that I needed to play around with the BIOS settings and it should work. I have also rebooted the system a few times. Unfortunately I still cannot view 4 displays. 


As an IT, Telecom and Cybersecurity SME and Project Manager I realize that since my system is a newly released product (April 29, 2017) problems are expected. I am reaching out to the Lenovo community hoping that some of you have also upgraded to the latest, greatest and most powerful Think Pad. Perhaps some of you may have experienced the same problem. I doubt that the new P51 would support less displays than my 5 year old W530.


Any help or advice from the community would be greatly appreciated. 

聯想 您好,
 本人於民國一百零六年七月九日於網路商店PCHOME購買聯想筆電Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB,
商品ID為DHBF0H-A900860LO-000,共計四萬零九百元整,商品於民國一百零六年七月十號至十一號之間才拿到商品,因本人平時使用電腦的習慣大都使用USB滑鼠,因此在七日內(民國一百零六年七月十八日)無發現商品的故障缺陷與瑕疵,使用約七日時(民國一百零六年七月十八日)才測試到筆電的touch pad功能故障無法使用,當日有把商品拿到聯想新竹維修站檢測,聯想維修站檢測人員回報可能是驅動不支援或硬體故障需進一步檢測,當時筆電內部存有個資與重要資料,因此隔日(民國一百零六年七月十九日)再拿到聯想維修站送修,於民國一百零六年七月二十日接到聯想客服來電,說明商品的touch pad功能故障需更換零件,但零件沒庫存需調達等待比較長時間。
  由上所述,本人購買聯想電腦全新筆電Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB有故障瑕疵,並維修時間至今長達約兩週,導致本人無法與一般消費者同等使用電腦作業,依民法第359條解除契約或減少價金條文,請求聯想退貨並歸還金額四萬零九百元整解除契約或減價優惠相關補償替代方案。
Lenovo Hello,
 I am very angry. very angry. very angry.

 I was in July 9, 2017 in the Internet shop PCHOME to purchase Lenovo notebook Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB,
The product ID is DHBF0H-A900860LO-000, a total of $40,900(TWD), I got the goods in July between 10 to 11 , because I usually use the computer habits are mostly used USB mouse, so within seven days (July 18, 2017) no product defects and defects found, the use of about seven days (July 18, 2017) to test to touch pad function failure can not be used, the day to get the goods to the Lenovo Hsinchu maintenance station detection, Lenovo repair station detection staff may be driven not support or hardware failure to be further testing, when the laptop has a personal internal and Important information, so every other day (July 16, 2017) and then get the Lenovo repair station repair, in July 20, 2017 received Lenovo customer service calls, indicating the goods touch pad Functional failure to replace the parts, but the parts did not have to wait for a long time to wait.
  On the basis of the above, I buy Lenovo computer new notebook Lenovo IdeaPad 720s 14IKB defective defects, and maintenance time has been up to about two weeks, resulting in I can not use the same computer with the average consumer, according to Article 359 of the Civil Code(Taiwan) to terminate the contract or Reduce the price of the provisions of the request to return the return of the amount of return and the amount of $40,900 (TWD)to lift the contract or discount concessions related compensation alternative.

Consumers:Kao-Ping , Hsu
 August 2, 2017