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Advanced Search Option -- Community Feature


Is there a better way to filter search results to only show solved discussions or to provide more focused results?


Yes - you can get more focused results by using the Advance Search Function, which is available here. This feature helps you to quickly sieve out and identify threads/ posts that are of interest to you, so if you are particularly interested in, for instance, identifying posts that have been unanswered and in your area of specialization, the function can quickly help pull these out for your reference and response.


You can choose to input the key words related to your search in the various fields (depending on what you are trying to look at.) 

Note that by default (currently) if you search for a term, the Knowledge Base articles will appear in the results. To eliminate these from coming up,  you can do the following:

- Click on the ‘Return only Posts from’ options to indicate which section (Community or KB) you wish to get the results from.


-You can also choose to have up to 250 return results based on your search.


On a sidenote,  remember to subscribe to the posts you like, or to those you started, especially if you are anticipating a response!

Go to My Settings and click on the Subscriptions and Bookmarks tag.


Check that the box "Automatically subscribe me to topics I participate in" is ticked.







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buddinggeek On 2012-05-14, 14:16 PM

Pictures have been updated with close screen capture for better understanding. 

NateS On 2014-04-14, 16:58 PM
Giangi On 2016-03-16, 13:28 PM
Hi! I'm a user migrated from former Motorola forum. previously the subscriptions notifications included a preview (about the first 5/6 lines) of the post. Now it's just a big html message with nothing useful other that the link to each new post into the topic subscribed... How can I receive a notification ONLY for the first new post? Is it possible to add a "preview" of the post into the notification? BTW, Lithium is second only to inSided as the worst forum platform I've seen... :-(
Alfin72 On 2016-10-06, 10:45 AM

How do I start a topic?

380507736959 On 2018-02-10, 14:10 PM

Показує 2місяця гарантії.що робити?



NateS On 2019-08-12, 14:28 PM

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