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Creating articles from existing forum discussions and solutions


As the knowledge base functions are integrated with the community, there are multiple navigation paths.  You can begin start an article based on a solution or nominated post one of two ways.




If you are in the knowledge base (having clicked the little book icon), select knowledgebase dashboard from the pulldown. It will be better if you access the dashboard from the top level of knowledge base landing page.


Dashboard pulldown.png



You should the see some number of tabs based on your particular level of permissions.  It will look something like this:




The first tab on the left will contain lists of discussions that have been nominated to the KB by the community, but which are not marked solutions, and those discussions that have a marked solution, which will be included in the "Accepted Solutions" list.  To the side is a number (1) in parens which indicates how many threads there are.  Some boards may have hundreds, some like our T61 and prior ThinkPads may have over a thousand solutions from which to start an article.


After you have clicked either nominated posts or accepted soltions, the theads will appear below the dashboard and in the case where there are multiple pages of threads, the normal form page navigations will be evident.   Double click a thread to view it, and when you have found the one you want to work from, you can click the start article button.   See instructions starting with step #3 below to continue.




If you are in the forum and on a thread view, you can also use the topic options to access the KB functions and jump right into working with an article without first having to navigate to the KB itself.  If the discussion has not yet been marked as a solution, there will be an option to nominate thread to the KB.  This option will put the topic in the nominated threads list on the first tab in the KB dashboard as explained above and is a good way to put in queue if you are not ready to work on it, but want to find it easily later, when you are ready to start your article.  If the topic is solved, it will automatically be in the KB Accepted Solutions queue and so there will be no option to nominate it, as it's already there.


For either a solution or a discussion, you can start the KB article from the topic menu as explained below, if you are ready to begin your article.  Be sure to save your article as a draft when finished.  You can come back and edit some more later if you are not ready to submit for publication.




    1. Browse to a discussion topic or a solution that is planned to be an article.
    2. Click "Topic Options" on top of a discussion topic and search for "Start Article" from the dropdown list.




    1. "Article Templates" page will be loaded. There are 3 types of templates available for use: "Freeform", "Questions and Answers" and "Solutions" . Choose the appropriate template for the article that wished to be composed.

    2. Later, a new article page will be displayed. The subject of the article is automatically filled the same with the discussion subject line.


    1. The content of the article under "Editor" is empty. However, user can find the "Content" tab at right navigation pane filled with boxes of posts from the discussion including the accepted solution.


    1. If a user wishes to include some contents from a post into the article, he or she can drag the box of the post and drop in "Editor" area. The content of that post will be displayed instant.


    1. A user can drag multiple boxes of posts and append them before or after the existing content in Editor.


  1. The content in editor can be manipulated. User does not have to use the original posts content. Edit them accordingly to suit the intended article's content.

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