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How can I increase battery life? - ThinkPad


How can I increase battery life? 


A ThinkPad battery can be set up for maximum runtime (hours), or for maximum lifespan before it must be replaced (years). The choice is yours, but with today's battery technologies, you can't have both at the same time.


Whichever optimization you choose, the limitations of today's batteries technologies also mean that they are consumables, i.e. your ThinkPad will last longer than its battery!


Optimizing for runtime (hours)


The normal default Lenovo Power Manager Battery Maintenance setting keeps your battery fully charged.  It starts charging when the battery drops below 96%, and stops at 100%. Runtime on battery then depends on the Power Plan settings you choose.


There are several predefined Power Plans which you can tweak to your needs, or you can create your own. For the best runtimes, start with the Maximum Battery Life Power Plan.


Optimizing for lifespan (years)


The main enemies of battery longevity are age, the number of charge cycles, amount of time at full charge, and high temperature.


For maximum lifespan if you rarely use the battery, set Custom charge thresholds to start charging at 40% capacity and stop at 50%, and keep the ThinkPad cool. The thresholds can be adjusted in the Battery Maintenance settings of the Lenovo Power Manager.


If you do use your battery somewhat frequently, set the start threshold at say 85% and stop at 90%. This will still give a good lifespan benefit over keeping it charged to 100%.


The simplest way to optimize for battery lifespan is to select Automatic in the Power Manager Battery Maintenance settings, and let it manage your battery charge thresholds for you.


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bananaman On 2011-01-21, 1:22 AM
bananaman On 2011-01-21, 1:12 AM
bananaman On 2011-01-21, 1:17 AM
zoltanthegypsy On 2012-11-29, 2:01 AM
wlie On 2014-01-08, 9:00 AM

Dear All,

I am the happy owner of a new ThinkPad S1 Yoga and my problem is exactly the opposite than many I read about here. I use the power plan but have no option to change it to maximun run time. When charging it never charges more then 50%. When I travel I would like the battery runtime maximum. I think the power plan is great but I would like to option to charge it completely. Did I overlook something? Thanks for your feedback. William

py2126 On 2014-07-04, 10:13 AM



I am using Lenovo G500 from last 10months. I started troubleshoot with battery and it is not even charging properly.

I reseted it to maximum life and reseted my battery also.

Even it is not working properly.

When i visited service center, there about 2hrs it doesn't work and they are not ready to replace battery.

This is **bleep**ing problems faced with lenovo.

Don't take lenovo products

thinkmaniac1 On 2015-02-17, 15:30 PM

This is a great article on increasing the battery life of the thinkpad laptops. It is evident that we can't increase both the battery backup in hours and the battery lifespan at the same time. I came across another great article at Tech Rasta on how to increase the lifespan of thinkpad laptop battery. It includes not just the method but also has pictures to explain the process to increase the battery lifespan easily.

NateS On 2015-03-29, 13:54 PM
Greg-METNetwork On 2016-07-05, 0:12 AM


I have a ThinkPad W541 and i want to be able to charge it from my car as i travel up and down the east coast of Australia for work in a campervan.

Lenovo don't seem to have a DC Car charger according to Australian agents?

This seems strange to me as all of my previous Laptop computers have been supported with car charges.


I have seen a Lenovo 90W Ultraslim AC/DC Combo Adapter and i wanted to know if it was suitable for my computer the marketing p/# is 41R4501.


Ihope someone has some info that can assist me, Lenovo support send me from pillar to post and back again without a definitive answer

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