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How to do a "hard reset" on many laptops

Occasionally, some  laptops may fail to properly power on or boot up correctly.  Pressing the power button may result in no action, or sometimes  the LEDs may just flash on momentarily and then back off without the system actually going through normal start up.


The cause may be some corruption of some bits of memory that affect how the power switch is read since the power switch on modern PCs doesn't actually switch power directly.  The following procedure will remove the primary power sources of AC and main battery, and then drain residual capacitance by pressing the power switch several times.  This will clear out stored values that may be corrupt, but will not affect data on the drive.


  1. Power off your laptop.
  2. Disconnect AC adapter (if it's connected).
  3. Take off the battery.
  4. Press and hold power button several time for several seconds each time.
  5. Release power button.
  6. Put in back the battery and reconnect AC.
  7. Power on.

If the system now starts up and produces the Lenovo or ThinkPad screen, press F1 or appropriate key to enter system BIOS.  Select the option to reload BIOS defaults, then select the option to save and exit (ofter F9/F10)


This will rewrite BIOS values in memory.  You can go back to BIOS and change settings that you previously customized, if needed.


Sometimes, reloading BIOS defaults can be useful after a BIOS version upgrade is performed, if there are abnormal symptoms noted.   This does not roll back to previous version of BIOS, but does rewrite the feature settings.




The procedures above does not reset the operating system back to factory settings.   If you wish to reset your PC's operating system back to factory, please reference Windows 8 features to reset to factory, or for XP, Vista, or Windows 7 clients, please make use of Lenovo's hidden system partition via Rescue & Recovery or One Key Recovery applications, depending on system model.


CAUTION: Resetting your OS will wipe out all your data!  Be sure to back up all application and user data before resetting the OS to factory.


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lesliejrivers On 2014-05-19, 10:52 AM

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lalosmommy On 2014-06-02, 17:24 PM

Please help! Yesterday while in service my battery was at 2%, I didn't have my charger so I just closed it. This morning I plugged it up & it wouldn't turn on! Ok So now I'm freaking out because my job is on this laptop. I've tried the hard restart but it still hasn't come on. Should I keep trying this? I have it plugged up but the little red battery light keeps blinking. 


The warranty expired Dec 2013 so now I don't know what else to do. Should I keep trying the trick you mentioned in your post? Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. We are a very small church and ALL our information, important documents, QuickBooks and member contributions are on here. I don't know what else to do but cry if I can't get it to work. 



rulee On 2014-07-15, 18:12 PM

I have a C240 AIO bought in a supermarket wine and password, I thought it would be easy to turn it off, but it is more complicated than it seems.
Appears to start Power-On Password and logically not se.Intente to start Lenovo Logo to Enter pusando
boot options and pulse F1 setup and not the BIOS Setup newly entyra does pressing the Esc key
My view on this recide I clear BIOS Power-on and password somehow?
Would be kind enough to teach me how to resolve this issue, greetings and thanks


tengo una AIO C240 comprada en un hipermercado y vino con contraseña,pense que seria facil desactivarla,pero es mas complicado de lo que parece.
Al inicia aparece Power-On Password y logicamente no lo se.Intente al iniciar el Logo de Lenovo pusando Enter
opciones de arranque y setup pulso F1 y no entyra al Bios SEtup recien lo hace al pulsar la tecla Esc
Mi consulta recide en esto puedo borrar el Power-on y Bios password de alguna manera ??
Serian tan amable de enseñarme a resolver este problema,saludos y gracias

riazmaan On 2014-09-23, 17:51 PM
mechaplin On 2014-12-01, 14:54 PM

I tried to get help by calling to get walked thru a factory reset for my lenovo G575 and sure for 200 dollars. That is almost as much as the laptop. Not impressed at all.


meckaneck On 2015-02-04, 17:16 PM

 I have a z565 laptop and it keeps doing blue screen crash dumps. I have reinstalled the original windows 7 from a disk that came with it and ran diagnostics. The diganostics shows nothing. Also did the hardware tests on it and it checked out good. How can I figure out what is going causing the crashdumps?

frillian On 2015-05-17, 12:52 PM

I have an 18-month old U330 that has worked fine until yesterday when it just died. It had no light or sound or any evidence of activity. If I plug it in the charging light comes on. If I hold down the ON button and volume button simultaneously the charging light goes off momentarily then comes on again. With no intervention the light stays on but there is no activity whatsoever. I've tried the hard reset described above, 2 or 3 times now, and still nothing. Please help!

Mark_Lenovo On 2015-10-21, 21:12 PM


Please note, this article was written to note what worked well for many generations of systems which had removable batteries.  Newer models with internal batteries (not easily removed) may not necessarily respond to this proceedure since the battery remains in circuit and the CMOS is not getting cleared.


Some of these systems with sealed batteries have a reset pin hole on the bottom.  Check your user guide for location of this, and make use of this feature if so equipped.


It is beyond the scope of this article to remedy all causes of no-start.   If you wish further assistance from the community, please start a discussion in the forum section related to your particular family of product.  Please include your model of system in the title so the community can best advise you.


If you are unable to reset your system, and need immediate assistance, please contact service.


Best regards,


AndreeD On 2015-12-06, 15:48 PM

I have a T450s and I lock myself off after linking PC  signin with microsoft account the thinkpad does not recognize any password and it is correct even ofline the password is not recognized how to bypass this??

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