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For example, you have a Lenovo Yoga 900 laptop and you want to obtain information about it. Where can you find it?


  1. Go to Support & Downloads - Product Information.
  2. On Product family, select PC
  3. On Browse Products, select Laptops
  4. On Series, select Yoga Seriel laptops.
  5. On Subseries, select Yoga 900.
  6. On Operating System, select All operating systems listed (at least you need specific OS-related information).
  7. That's all!

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I need help please. I just received my new Moto G6 Forge, yesterday.  I have set the "Sleep setting to 2 minutes" - I've tried all of the times...BUT no matter what, the screen goes to SLEEP at 10 seconds!!!


Please tell me this can be fixed???


¿Alguien puede ayudarme?

Tengo un moto G6. Puedo hacer vídeos en cámara lenta pero no me deja elegir una parte del vídeo en específico. 

Una vez terminado el vídeo, me manda a la galería para ver el archivo totalmente en cámara lenta.