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I would like to send a private message to another user in the forum. How can i do that?


For your information, you need to log in order to send a private message.

There are two ways:


Method #1:

  1. Click on username
  2. In the user profile page, check out the Contact section on the right
  3. Click on "Send this user a private message"
  4. Start writing in the "Message Body" section
  5. When done, click "Send Message"















Method #2:

  1. Look for an envelop shape icon on top of the page
  2. Click on it and a Private Message page will be loaded
  3. Choose "New Message"
  4. Enter the private message recipient user id
  5. Start writing in the "Message Body" section
  6. When done, click "Send Message"










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I don't have any more my administrator statut. I don't know who to get back. It's my personal portable Lenove Carbon and I don't have the control. I don't know who to proceed because I don't want to make mistake with laptop.