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How to use the Kudos function


Kudos is an important feature we've enabled in the Lenovo Community for members to recognize the best contributions of other members and to let them know that they have a shared a great thought, idea, or solution.   While one post may become a solution, there were likely a number of strong contributions along the way... and it's great to recognize those too!


As you browse the forums and find a post particularly valuable, click the star to give it a kudo!

Likewise, you can give a kudo to KB articles that helped solve your problem or were particularly helpful - this helps the community not only recognize it's most valuable contributors, but also allows Lenovo to better understand what kinds of articles and information are most valuable to customers.


Here is what the Kudos icon looks like in the forum - it is the white start on the blue background found to the left of each post....


kudos image forum.png


  • Click the star to recognize the post or article with a star.


  • The number which appears is the total number of kudos that this post has received so far.  Click the number displayed in the kudo box to see a list of other members who found this post valuable.


  • A member may award a particular post only one kudo, and may not kudo their own posts.  


  • Look for leader boards to see who and what has been voted as valuable over time in the community!


Within the Community Knowledge base, the kudo graphic is in the top right corner of each article and appears slightly different, but works the same way...


KB kudo.png



A little about kudos, courtesy of wikipedia ...


Kudos (pronounced /ˈkjuːdɒs/, often /ˈkuːdoʊz/), from the Greek κῦδος - not to be confused with κύδος "taunt" kydos, (literally "that which is heard of'') means "fame" and "renown" resulting from an act or achievement. Extending "kudos" to another individual is often done as a praising remark. It entered English as British university slang in the early 1800s. In Standard British English, as in Greek, Kudos is a singular and not a plural noun, and is used exclusively as such in Britain. However, in common use in the US the noun is often plural: She received many kudos ['ku:doʊz] for her work.

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rod55555 On 2014-01-31, 14:34 PM

1KC42WW.EXE is not working



I have downloaded file “1KWC42WW.EXE” The problem I have is clearing the “USE WINDOWS TO CONFIGURE MY WIRELESS NETWORK” . It will not clear the check mark? I use WIN XP SP 1, a THINKOAD T 42 , 2378, C88, NETGEAR ROUTER GWR614V10. is there a fix for this. I would approach your help?

Thanks rod


Email address rodlll@radio.am

tommcw On 2014-09-16, 13:55 PM

Way to highlight best response

I appreciate the kudos function, but wish maybe it did a little more. I often find that the best answer to my question is on page 3 or 4 of the topic. I wish that you would add a "best answer" function so that when an answer receives multiple kudos it will be placed first, before other responses. Websites like WikiAnswers use this function and it can save a lot of time. It could also be used when you find duplicate threads. Often on page 3 or 4 I will find a link to another thread that answers my question. If this could be floated to the top it would save much time.



NikolausS On 2016-04-06, 19:05 PM

For me nothing happens when I click the KUDO button in the upper right corner -- only the one at the bottom works -- it now shows 2 Kudos and the one at upper right still shows one ... ;-)

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