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Depending on the individual situation, when registering or logging into a site requiring LenovoID, different steps may be required depending on the user’s current LenovoID status in connection with that site. I will be using the Lenovo Community Forums registration or login process to illustrate the different steps required for each scenario however the steps apply equally to all sites with LenovoID login.


I do not have a LenovoID scenarios;

  1. First time ever confronted by a site requiring LenovoID.
  2. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID but had previously registered an account for that site before Lenovo ID was introduced.


I have a LenovoID scenarios;

  1. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID to which I wasn’t previously registered.
  2. Returning to a site where registered and have previously used LenovoID.


  1. Creating a Lenovo ID (First time ever confronted by a site requiring LenovoID)


You visit one of Lenovo’s sites and decide to register on that site in order to partake in whatever that site is offering and select to register / create an account for that site and after clicking on the appropriate button are confronted with the sign up for LenovoID form. (Depending on the site its appearance may differ slightly, remember I am using the forums’ registration process for illustrations).


Illustration 1a


Once you have created and confirmed your Lenovo ID you should use this to Sign In where upon you will be requested to register for the site you are visiting. However as you have previously registered for this site you are only required to associate your existing site account to your Lenovo ID, please look for the field offering this option;



Illustration 3


On selecting to Sign In and connect to your account please enter the credentials you previously used in order to use / visit the particular site;



Illustration 4



Congratulations; you have associated your previous account to your Lenovo ID. The next time you visit the site you will only be required to enter your Lenovo ID in order to gain access to the site.




  1. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID to which I wasn’t previously registered.


You have already created a Lenovo ID whilst visiting another Lenovo site requiring Lenovo ID but have not already registered on the particular site you are now visiting.


Please ensure that the Sign In tab is selected on the Lenovo ID form and not Sign Up; you are not required to create a second Lenovo ID. In the Sign In tab please enter your Lenovo ID email and password and click on Sign In, this will then bring you to the registration page for that particular site. If you are not presented immediately with the registration form, (as on the left in illustration 3), please ensure you select to register or create a new account; this is where you will be able to create your account for that particular site after entering the required details and accepting the site’s terms and conditions.


Congratulations; the account you created for this site will be associated with your Lenovo ID, when you next visit the site you will only need to enter your Lenovo ID in order to gain access.



  1. Returning to a site where registered and have previously used LenovoID.


Please enter your Lenovo ID and password you chose to create your Lenovo ID in the Sign In tab, please see illustration 2. Your account for the site has already been associated with your Lenovo ID which will automatically log you into the site with the necessary credentials.

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JNavas On 2014-12-24, 16:22 PM

Lenovo ID is a mess!
I was confronted with Lenovo ID trying to login to the Forums (Community). So I had to create a new Lenovo ID. But the dialog box won't accept browser (Firefox) paste (a problem that needs to be fixed!), making it hard to use my password manager software, so I made up a dumb easy-to type password, planning to change it later. But now I'm stuck with that dumb password, since password changing in your main website does not work -- it accepts the change, but does nothing, so I have to still login with my dumb password. And Sign Out is obscured on the website (screenshot attached). Last but not least, Chat advised me to email websales to change my password!
Will someone please fix the mess?
Thank you.

p.s. The link does not work: Was this article helpful? Please click here and let us know.


Bugbatter On 2014-12-25, 3:52 AM
G575 topic moved to Lenovo 3000 and Essential Laptops
Cleo_Lenovo On 2014-12-20, 11:55 AM
Cleo_Lenovo On 2014-12-23, 21:51 PM
Cleo_Lenovo On 2014-12-25, 19:58 PM
Cleo_Lenovo On 2014-12-26, 6:20 AM

JNavas ‎,


Thanks and noted on the article feedback link not working. I'll check with our back end team on that.  At the moment, you can use the bottom right yellow floating box to submit article feedback.


In regard to changing Lenovo ID password, I'll update once I have update from my counterpart in US. However, changing it through shop.lenovo.com is new to me, I can't comment until I get more details about that.



JCW2 On 2014-12-28, 17:58 PM

As JNavas reported, FireFox paste does not work for creating the original Lenovo ID -- pain in the a--!  After that, however, it is possible to sign in using FireFox paste for the password (at least if it's copied from Notepad), so you actually only have to type a complex password the first two times.


Other questions:


1) Once you have "associated" your forum account with the new Lenovo ID, I don't understand what role the original forum username plays in this new .


2) I also don't understand if this new Lenovo ID needs to be truely secure (strong password, don't store in browser, logout every time after checking forum posts), e.g.,  for purchasing accounts, or if it's just a new hassle for getting into routine Lenovo Web content.


3) For that matter, I don't understand whether or not forum logout also logs you out of the Lenovo ID account.


Could Lenovo please comment on these topics? -- JCW2

JCW2 On 2014-12-30, 19:52 PM

Mannie62 -- I don't think this Permalink specifically about the new Lenovo ID login procedure will be a productive place for your post.  I suggest you try another forum section. -- JCW2

Mark_Lenovo On 2014-12-30, 14:59 PM

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