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Depending on the individual situation, when registering or logging into a site requiring LenovoID, different steps may be required depending on the user’s current LenovoID status in connection with that site. I will be using the Lenovo Community Forums registration or login process to illustrate the different steps required for each scenario however the steps apply equally to all sites with LenovoID login.


I do not have a LenovoID scenarios;

  1. First time ever confronted by a site requiring LenovoID.
  2. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID but had previously registered an account for that site before Lenovo ID was introduced.


I have a LenovoID scenarios;

  1. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID to which I wasn’t previously registered.
  2. Returning to a site where registered and have previously used LenovoID.


  1. Creating a Lenovo ID (First time ever confronted by a site requiring LenovoID)


You visit one of Lenovo’s sites and decide to register on that site in order to partake in whatever that site is offering and select to register / create an account for that site and after clicking on the appropriate button are confronted with the sign up for LenovoID form. (Depending on the site its appearance may differ slightly, remember I am using the forums’ registration process for illustrations).


Illustration 1a


Once you have created and confirmed your Lenovo ID you should use this to Sign In where upon you will be requested to register for the site you are visiting. However as you have previously registered for this site you are only required to associate your existing site account to your Lenovo ID, please look for the field offering this option;



Illustration 3


On selecting to Sign In and connect to your account please enter the credentials you previously used in order to use / visit the particular site;



Illustration 4



Congratulations; you have associated your previous account to your Lenovo ID. The next time you visit the site you will only be required to enter your Lenovo ID in order to gain access to the site.




  1. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID to which I wasn’t previously registered.


You have already created a Lenovo ID whilst visiting another Lenovo site requiring Lenovo ID but have not already registered on the particular site you are now visiting.


Please ensure that the Sign In tab is selected on the Lenovo ID form and not Sign Up; you are not required to create a second Lenovo ID. In the Sign In tab please enter your Lenovo ID email and password and click on Sign In, this will then bring you to the registration page for that particular site. If you are not presented immediately with the registration form, (as on the left in illustration 3), please ensure you select to register or create a new account; this is where you will be able to create your account for that particular site after entering the required details and accepting the site’s terms and conditions.


Congratulations; the account you created for this site will be associated with your Lenovo ID, when you next visit the site you will only need to enter your Lenovo ID in order to gain access.



  1. Returning to a site where registered and have previously used LenovoID.


Please enter your Lenovo ID and password you chose to create your Lenovo ID in the Sign In tab, please see illustration 2. Your account for the site has already been associated with your Lenovo ID which will automatically log you into the site with the necessary credentials.

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Dutchice On 2017-11-17, 23:41 PM

Guys I feel actually I should never ever have the need to ask this question. Since I think such BASIC functionalities should be OBVIOUS to find.


Where is the option to change the Lenovo ID password?


Been looking all tabs under Settings and Profile, but just can't find a link.

anya231 On 2017-11-18, 0:10 AM

I bought a Lenovo Yoga on March 30 while I was visiting Miami. I didn't use it much but a weeek ago I decided to use it on a daily basis. On the 3rd day it wouldn't turn on. I called Lenovo Argentina and they told me that the warranty is only for the USA. I decided to travel to the States to have it fixed, but I really don't know which steps should I follow. I found some service partners and I got in touch with them, but I don't know if I need Lenovo to authorise the repair. I don't want to pay more for this laptop. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me. This matter is stressing me terribly,

Ernestine On 2017-11-27, 16:21 PM

Hi is it possible to upgrade the Lenovo Miix 310 2in1 tablet from windows home to windows pro plus.

aguiar_17 On 2017-12-12, 22:52 PM

tenho um duvida comprei o meu notebook lenovo ideapad 320 faz um mês e veio com o windows 10 porem não estou me adaptando desejo saber se posso retirar o sistema do windows 10  e colocar o do 7 se isso vai implicar na garantia do meu notebook  e se poder se eu posso ir em uma autorizada da lenovo fazer a troca do sistema ?

SanjitGupta96 On 2017-12-22, 12:21 PM

Moto g5 software update of oreo(security patches too)


Best mobile made by lenovo(moto) this is my opinion

Enrico_Menotti On 2018-01-12, 22:38 PM



I bought a new Lenovo laptop a couple of weeks ago. I started setting up Windows 10. The system asked whether I'd use my Microsoft account, and I accepted. Then asked to create a Lenovo account, and I accepted. After the first setup, I changed my Microsoft account password (switched the first letter to capital). Now, when I tried to access the Lenovo account I found out that I couldn't open it. If I try to enter with my Microsoft account, I get proposed to link the Lenovo account to the Microsft one, but then the system says I've done three connection errors and doesn't let me go any further.


I tried to create a new Lenovo account with the same email address, but the system says it can't be done because the email address is already in use.

I tried to reset the password, but the system says the account does not exist.


I've been able to create a different account by accessing via Google (Facebook doesn't work because the email address is the same as for the Microsoft account). I can change the associated email address to a different one, but I cannot use the address associated to the Microsoft account.


Since I'm going to use my Microsoft account to login to the computer, I'd wish to link to that also the Lenovo account.


I think the only way to solve the problem is to either reset the "Third trial" error, or to completely delete any data related to my Microsoft account which may have been stored in Lenovo's servers. But for any of these solutions I obviously cannot do anything from my side.


I hope somebody will come up with some indication. I already asked to Lenovo on Facebook, with no avail. I called the Italian support, and they elevated my request to the international technical support, but it's been more than a week since, and no news (called today).


I know it's a kind of minor issue, since the computer indeed works; however, I'd expect to be able to setup correctly any new product. I find all these difficulties as unacceptable. If the problem won't be solved by the end of next week, I will go back to the Mediaworld store where I purchased the product and ask for a replacement from another brand. If that can't be done, I'll contact the legal customer support here in Italy.

mariho On 2018-01-22, 17:38 PM

Hallo Zusammen!....Hilfe bitte!!!


Problem:Mein externer Monitor (benq GL2450) funktioniert nicht am Notebook, Lenovo Yoga 520, Windows 10. 


Was ich gemacht habe: Grafikarten (Intel HD Graphics 620) Treiber neu installiert, HDMI Kabel getestet. Was kann ich noch machen?...


Danke für Eure Hilfe im Voraus!

docfred On 2018-01-22, 20:32 PM

I can't record system audio on my Yoga 14.  I have reinstalled drivers to no avail.  The Realtek option does not appear when I open the sound window (recording tab).  Help?

Skenson On 2018-01-24, 9:50 AM

hi i am new to this site and have registered but i am finding it extremely frustrating to try and add posts


I cannot see anywhere to create new post i am trying to get advice on ssd i have clicked on the tag but i get no other options ie new message prompts

help much appreciated

Me2Me On 2018-02-03, 15:17 PM

My phone has brighteness blinking 

I serviced 5 times.but no change.

And also changed main board


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