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Updated: 10/28/2015



Depending on the individual situation, when registering or logging into a site requiring LenovoID, different steps may be required depending on the user’s current LenovoID status in connection with that site. I will be using the Lenovo Community Forums registration or login process to illustrate the different steps required for each scenario however the steps apply equally to all sites with LenovoID login.


I do not have a LenovoID scenarios;

  1. First time ever confronted by a site requiring LenovoID.
  2. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID but had previously registered an account for that site before Lenovo ID was introduced.


I have a LenovoID scenarios;

  1. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID to which I wasn’t previously registered.
  2. Returning to a site where registered and have previously used LenovoID.


  1. Creating a Lenovo ID (First time ever confronted by a site requiring LenovoID)


You visit one of Lenovo’s sites and decide to register on that site in order to partake in whatever that site is offering and select to register / create an account for that site and after clicking on the appropriate button are confronted with the sign up for LenovoID form. (Depending on the site its appearance may differ slightly, remember I am using the forums’ registration process for illustrations).


Illustration 1a

LID Sign In.JPGLenovo ID Sign In

Select the “Sign Up” tab on the Lenovo ID form in order to create your Lenovo ID.


Illustration 1b

LID Sign Up.JPGLenovo ID Sign Up



  • Email Address - The mail address entered here will become your Lenovo ID
  • Password – Please ensure you choose a secure password
  • Confirm password – Please retype the secure password you have chosen
  • Country/Region – Please choose your country of residence
  • Type the text – This is a CAPTCHA to help identify you as a human and not a spambot
  • Join the conversation - voluntary opt in to amiling list

Once you have completed the form please click on the “Sign Up” button.


Congratulations; you have successfully created your Lenovo ID and will receive an email sent to the address you entered which will require you to confirm receiving it.



If this is your first time visiting the current site and have not previously registered for the site please proceed to point 3.


  1. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID but had previously registered an account for that site before Lenovo ID was introduced.


Already having previously registered on the site you have probably tried to enter you original credentials for your account on the site you are visiting only to receive a message stating that the account does not exist.


Yes your account exists, but your Lenovo ID needs to be created, you will need to select the “Sign Up” tab on the Lenovo ID form in order to create your Lenovo ID explained in Point 1. above.



Illustration 2



Once you have created and confirmed your Lenovo ID you should use this to Sign In where upon you will be requested to register for the site you are visiting. However as you have previously registered for this site you are only required to associate your existing site account to your Lenovo ID, please look for the field offering this option;



Illustration 3



On selecting to Sign In and connect to your account please enter the credentials you previously used in order to use / visit the particular site;



Illustration 4




Congratulations; you have associated your previous account to your Lenovo ID. The next time you visit the site you will only be required to enter your Lenovo ID in order to gain access to the site.




  1. First time visiting a site requiring LenovoID to which I wasn’t previously registered.


You have already created a Lenovo ID whilst visiting another Lenovo site requiring Lenovo ID but have not already registered on the particular site you are now visiting.


Please ensure that the Sign In tab is selected on the Lenovo ID form and not Sign Up; you are not required to create a second Lenovo ID. In the Sign In tab please enter your Lenovo ID email and password and click on Sign In, this will then bring you to the registration page for that particular site. If you are not presented immediately with the registration form, (as on the left in illustration 3), please ensure you select to register or create a new account; this is where you will be able to create your account for that particular site after entering the required details and accepting the site’s terms and conditions.


Congratulations; the account you created for this site will be associated with your Lenovo ID, when you next visit the site you will only need to enter your Lenovo ID in order to gain access.



  1. Returning to a site where registered and have previously used LenovoID.


Please enter your Lenovo ID and password you chose to create your Lenovo ID in the Sign In tab, please see illustration 2. Your account for the site has already been associated with your Lenovo ID which will automatically log you into the site with the necessary credentials.

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Lenovo ID is a mess!
I was confronted with Lenovo ID trying to login to the Forums (Community). So I had to create a new Lenovo ID. But the dialog box won't accept browser (Firefox) paste (a problem that needs to be fixed!), making it hard to use my password manager software, so I made up a dumb easy-to type password, planning to change it later. But now I'm stuck with that dumb password, since password changing in your main website does not work -- it accepts the change, but does nothing, so I have to still login with my dumb password. And Sign Out is obscured on the website (screenshot attached). Last but not least, Chat advised me to email websales to change my password!
Will someone please fix the mess?
Thank you.

p.s. The link does not work: Was this article helpful? Please click here and let us know.


JNavas ‎,


Thanks and noted on the article feedback link not working. I'll check with our back end team on that.  At the moment, you can use the bottom right yellow floating box to submit article feedback.


In regard to changing Lenovo ID password, I'll update once I have update from my counterpart in US. However, changing it through is new to me, I can't comment until I get more details about that.




As JNavas reported, FireFox paste does not work for creating the original Lenovo ID -- pain in the a--!  After that, however, it is possible to sign in using FireFox paste for the password (at least if it's copied from Notepad), so you actually only have to type a complex password the first two times.


Other questions:


1) Once you have "associated" your forum account with the new Lenovo ID, I don't understand what role the original forum username plays in this new system (if any).


2) I also don't understand if this new Lenovo ID needs to be truely secure (strong password, don't store in browser, logout every time after checking forum posts), e.g.,  for purchasing accounts, or if it's just a new hassle for getting into routine Lenovo Web content.


3) For that matter, I don't understand whether or not forum logout also logs you out of the Lenovo ID account.


Could Lenovo please comment on these topics? -- JCW2



Thanks for validating the FireFox issues.  As a work around, I could suggest an alternate browser until the LenovoID team can evaluate this.  


(UPDATE) - I'm told that paste has deliberately been disabled on the password field to ensure that people have to type it in rather than accidentally paste some string in as a password that turns out not to be what you thought it was and you would be locked out.


To your other points...


1) The association for existing forum accounts connects your LenovoID email and password pair with your existing Lithium forum screen name (in your case JCW2).   The first time to make this connection, and claim your existing account you had to key in your old forum password one time.  You won't use it again (unless you chose the same string as your LenovoID password).   For New forum registrations (no prior account), the forum will want the customer to select a screen name (so they aren't posting as their email)


2) I would try to make the LenovoID password non-trivial.   The strategic intent is to make this the single credential for future interactions across Lenovo web properties and you don't want someone to easily hack it.


3) The LenovoID archeitecture is SSO - single sign on that stays signed in for a default period of time.  Each application (like the forum, or Lenovo Shop) can override this default and select a more limited time of persistence.  I believe we set the forum for 12 hours which is shorter than the default.  We felt this would serve most frequent users who might sign into support and the forum, especially support agents, partners, employees, etc, )   Each application can manage the logout in a different way.    We are signing you out of the forum, but not out of LenovoID.  


To signout of LenovoID (to be most secure) you can go to the LenovoID page and click the sign in tab (vs sign up) and if LenovoID is currently active it should show your email account as signed in at the top in the red header.  Immediately to the right, there is a ]-> sign which signs you out.  


Here is the URL for the passport page:


If you are always using your personal computer, sign out here may not be a big security issue, but if you use a public terminal at a hotel lobby, coffee shop, school library / lab, then you probably want to sign out globally via the passport page just to be sure you are out of LenovoID completely.






Thanks, Mark -- Very helpful. -- JCW2


I accidentally typed my gmail as  instead of GMAIL. I left the L out. Now my login ID is and it's linked to my old LenovoID which is this one. Am I stuck with forever????  Help please thanks.


I made a mess of my Lenovo logins.


In trying to setup my Lenovo ID, I linked the wrong (old) login to the new Lenovo ID. Who can I contact to get this corrected?

Thanks and Regards



no help on the wrong lenovo ID issue? =\ or who can I get in touch with?


Hi ! It was really difficult for the first time to succeed in the registering of Lenovo forum; But with your article, it's better, thank you


a bit confusing but worked for me



I'll see what we can advise on how to change the email in LenovoID.   Hang in there!




not sure if i can post anything on the forum , i thought i did but i can't find it , how do i do this i am signed in !


¿Debo de registrarme otra vez En el foro de lenovo Parr Acceder Poder? Mi nombre de usuario es "Alex_Bolado" y al querer ingresar Mí dados Que El ID no es válido, y me dados Que puedo Elegir ingresar con mi Cuenta de Google. Lo que hago es Que le doy clic al icono de Google y me deja entrar. Lo Que se me hace raro Es Que ingreso con mi nombre de usario Citado Más arriba y Este no lo tengo ni siquera Registrado en Lenovo CUANDO Hice mi Cuenta. CONCLUSIÓN yo me registre con Una Cuenta de hotmail, Se Supone Que la Cuenta de Gmail no me la Dębe de reconcer y Menos Dejarme Acceder con mi usuario y Contraseña de Lenovo. ¿Que hacer Debo ONU parrafo En solitario ingresar Tecleando Alex_Bolado y de la Contraseña y No hay aire Gmail?



I don't know why this process is so complicated and ridiculus, I can't login using my old LenovoID as it kept asking to associate with my LenovoID. Is not the LenovoID my email address? Even follow this misunderstanding guide, I still can't get it. Especially on 17, which one is the exsiting forum name? I always used my email to login and now suddently I'm supposed to have a forum name? I tried to register a new account, but it still guide me to associate with a LenovoID. So non-sense.


Now I need to find another page to register a new account  with the option of a user name.

Already 2 accounts without success ! Never mind.



You folks really make me not want to deal with you. Logging into this site is not worth the effort. I suppose that is what you are hoping for or else someone is getting it all wrong. KEEP IT SIMPLE, this is not simple. B A H.


I'm still struggling without succes to link these things. I'm jippey (by mistake) here and jlippey at the main site. Maybe somebody on staff can help. (If so, I'd rather be jlippey in both.) Jerry Lippey


Admin edit - looks like we fixed this for you. Smiley Wink


Thanks Mraks Smiley Happy

For Those Who Do !!!!


I think this issue of ID's is something to do with the Lithium system as I've also similar agravation with another company (auto manufacturer) & the same garbage exists there. Is this just a ploy to make it hard for your end users to gain access to internal support systems 'cos it certainly *feels* that way.

It also doesn't feel as if this has been trialed (or system tested as I used to call it when I was in the industry) with real end users it feels as if it's been tested by a techie or techies who knew how the thing was supposed to work but seem incapable of getting ordinary punters on board.

If I link this to my experience with my Lenovo computer & some of the naff stuff on it then I rather think this will be the first & last time I use Lenovo products - not impressed. Oh & your surveys are incomprehensible too who the hell designs those?



We seem to be striking out with you on all fronts...


No, we are not trying to make it harder to sign up in the forum - we want you to use the forum  I agree that it is now more difficult as it is a 2 step process with LenovoID and then the forum account.  I don't think this is Lithium specific as this is also the case with our China forums which are on a seperate platform and as they have a number of pictures in the registration process, I gather others need help.   I am concerned as this does impact registration and participation rates and that isn't good for any of us.   We are continuing to update the instructions above, and make some updates to the transiition page to try to make this clear.  


If you would like to expand on your survey critiques, that would be appreciated.  Would you start a thread in the general discussion or housekeeping boards?   Or, if this is the owner experience survey, you could leave comments on the blog that it links to.  We will be sure to pass the feedback on to the survey teams.




Hi Mark,


It seems impossible to use my old username for some reason: I tried following the process described and got stuck at the stage where I should link my old username: when I enter it (dandreye) and the password it says "already linked" and yet doesn't let me in! So I had to register dandreye1 instead (which I'm using now to ask for help), during which I was unable to enter a perfectly valid email address with my surname as part of it - only my other one worked. Could you or anyone else at your side please check what's wrong with my primary username and make it possible for me to carry on using it? I have some threads posted using it that I'd like to retain - and wouldn't like to breed usernames for no reason anyway unless inevitable.


No idea why all the rush with introducing the changes w/o properly testing them inside out first was ever required...


Thanks in advance,



P.S. Just managed to get in using my old username somehow...please disregard.  


Hi Mark,


Appreciate your acknowledgement of the issue raised about 4 months ago. I have not hear anything since. Just wondering if any email will be sent to  instead of GMAIL. otherwise i'll just live with it (had to try a few versions of typo email before logging in though cause i can't remember)


If you could resolve this issue it would be great. Thanks.


After messing around for almost 3 hours, I still have not been able to post a question to this website.  Yes, I have a login that is linked to both the LENOVOIDand Community login.  This process is a joke.  I even got an email indicating that my category has been upgraded.  I don't know what to  - nothing changed after I relogged in.  Also no new message button.


My question is in regard to the serious posting that came out within the last three days:   Lenovo Computers Have 'Massive Security Risk'. I have an Ideapad s510p with Windows 8.1.  How do I perform a system update?   


My userid was already in Lenovo but forgot my password so I selected reset.  Was able to go through and enter new password and sent a reply to a post already in Community.  BUT.....the user ID and Avatar in the post I was replying to attached to my profile!!!


What happened?  Under my profile I was able to change the Avatar (to Starfish) but do not know how to update the user ID (not email address but the short ID that appears above Avatar in posts).  What now???  I am sure the person the person I was trying to add a reply to has now lost some info. 




Water follows the course of least resistance... this ID is creating more resistance. Bad enough that some come on here with real computer problems that they need solved quickly with frustration levels aready peaking.... Now you've made it even more difficult with your Lenovo ID.... bad move.


I have changed my email, and that worked fine for the notifications.

BUT two problems

1) How do I change my "Lenovo ID" (that was my old mail)? Login with the new email says that it is not a "Lenovo ID"

2) When requesting a reset password, the mail is sent to the OLD mailbox ( several days after the change) !!!

Why is there no apparent option to change a forum password. It's certainly not where a reasonable person would expect i.e. proximate to where there is an option to change your email address in the forum account settings. Naturally, a search on the forum (or Google) don't answer this crucial question either.

Connected with my ID. Thanks for those who do.


I just spent an unusually long amount of time registering here on a new Lenovo tablet and THIS is the first post I see.   Between the difficulty registering and the insanity of the process described above, I'm considering returning the tablet...  This is my first Lenovo product... Is this the status quo around here? 


I registered a LENOVO FLEX 2 with the LENOVO ID  a 13-digit code (set by LENOVO), and the LENOVO CLOUD ID an email (the email I provided in the regisration step).


That email now has to be dismissed. How can I do it ?


I already changed the email associated to the LENOVO ID (a different field), but this does not affect so much. For example, the username (and mail) associated to the support and forum services is already forced to be the LENOVO CLOUD ID (that is the email to be dismissed).


Please, help me.


Hey Lenovo Support Team: Where are we with changing the Lenovo ID email address?

Wow, what a horror this new system is.


I registered and got the confirmation e-mail, so I clicked to confirm and it takes me to a form to provide additional info.


This form includes Lenovo ID, e-mail address, etc.   When I enter the e-mail address that I just clicked to confirm, it says it is already taken!


Plus you've somehow blocked my ability to paste my password - do you really think this site should be higher security then my bank!


After wasting way too much time, and knowing I should really give up and just cut my losses, I somehow seem to have gotten in with the old Lenovo account I created a year and a half ago, but which initially didn't work.


I was already upset about how terrible my Yoga 2 laptop is - this waste of my time has really put me over the edge.


Hi and well I try to register so I can sig in .

When I registered finished it when ok,but I SIGN IN it did not work so I have to go to FACEBOOK.Thise is not good.

Is there a bug?


Mark, I've read through this entire thread and think(?) I have done everything correctly but still can't figure out how to post a new topic.  I try going to a topic, like software but can't find a link for new message.  Did I miss one of the steps (above) to get authorized to post a new topic?





Sorry you are having a bit of trouble - I checked your account and you are all set to post (certainly confirmation given that you posted a reply here).  To start a new thread on a discussion board look for a red "new message" button toward the top left of the board.


I've also moved and replied to your other question on this here:


Best regards,



Thanks Mark.  whenI looked at the example of the screen shot I realized waht I was doing wrong.  I didn't go to the board level topic but was trying to post a new message from the community level.


While I was eventually able to figure out the Lenovo ID sign in/sign up process, and then able to link my previously existing account to my new Lenovo ID, I also found this process frustrating.

Moving to a new user account system is always going to generate problems for some previous users, but really, one need only look at the amount of explanation required in this article to realize immediately that the transition was badly mishandled by both the technical and the user experience team at Lenovo.

I will explain my specific situation, though I have resolved it now, as an example for your UX team to think about.

I am in Canada and have purchased a number of items from Lenovo Canada over the past 5+ years. I have also had an account on the Lenovo Forums for 5+ years.

When I went to Lenovo Canada shopping, I could log in using the "Lenovo ID" form and my user/password there. But even though that form says "Lenovo ID", it would seem that was not my "real" Lenovo ID, that was some sort of shopping ID that Lenovo sometimes accepts as a Lenovo ID? How is a customer supposed to know that? Why would a customer know or care whether they log in with an email address and account ID or a "Lenovo ID"? To me they are all just accounts I use to log into Lenovo things.


So I assumed I already had a Lenovo ID, but I couldn't use this same information to log into the OTHER Lenovo ID form that appears when I want to log into the Lenovo Forums. Eventually, I went ahead an signed up for a new Lenovo ID - which confusingly, is not in fact an "ID" at all, but is my email address. Then I was able to follow the instructions to find the pracitically invisible link in Illustration 3 in order to associate my old "ID" with my new "Lenovo ID".

OK fine, but now, after all that, I honestly have no idea if I have two IDs (one for Lenovo Canada shopping and one for Lenovo Forums) or if they are linked, or if my Lenovo Shopping login is suddenly going to stop working without warning one day. Who knows?

Some other stray comments about Lenovo's implementation of the new Lenovo ID:

  • why on earth would you use "Sign In" and "Sign Up"? Why not "Log In" and "Register" like practically all other websites around the world. Using two almost identical phrases is inherently confusing.
  • why wouldn't you make all these processes automatic? So a user trying to log in to ANYTHING would be gently redirected into the correct new account creation process rather than requiring a user to figure out for themselves which of the four options you describe above is the right one in their specific case?
  • why would you disable pasting on the password field? Someone on your team thought that would improve security?? Seriously? The opposite is true. If you force people to type in passwords then they are much more likely to create simple ones that are more easily cracked, aren't they? What evidence is your team using to demonstrate that this improves real-world security for real users and is not just something dreamed up to give the semblance of security to other techies?


Philip Kiff
A Thinkpad Enthusiast since 1994 (Thinkpad 350C)


It is STILL not fixed that a password-change request is sent to the wrong email.


Have you guys never thought throught that an email address could be changed?

You handle the NOTIFICATIONS on change ok, but if a user request a new password it is sent to the original mail that was used to create the "Lenovo ID".... To put this friendly, that is not very clever.....


We can all make stupid beginners faults, But I reported this basic issue NINE MONTHS ago - and it is STILL not fixed...

Luckily my old mailbox (that was supposed to die) were still alive.... But the next time i forget my password, there are no way for me to request a reset...


When I was creating my profile, I mistyped my username (should be javahery-z). How can I edit it?