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Lighted indicator - arrow with a "1" in it - Numlock


Below my LCD, there is a row of indicator lights and now there is a triangular or arrow shaped one with a "1" in it that is now illuminated.   Everything seems to be normal, but if I press the U, I, O, J, K, L, M buttons, I get numbers displayed.  What is this?


This is the indicator for  the "num lock" function and means that num lock is enabled.   When enabled, some of the keys on the keyboard are mapped to provide a numeric keypad layout function for those who are used to a dedicated keypad.  In the diagram below , Item #6 is the numlock indicator, and #7 is the caps lock indicator.


  num lock diagram.jpg



Depending on particular model, a Fn + or Ctrl + numlock key will toggle this function on / off





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nrameses On 2016-11-29, 23:14 PM

I have an X1 tablet connected to a One link + dock. I have connected an external lenovo wired keyboard to the dock. All keys on the external keyboard work EXCEPT the num lock and  the numeric key pad. Have also tried a wireless Microsoft keyboard. Same issue.


Issue #2.  If I connect an external monitor theough the Dock via VGA or displayport connection, there is severe signal latency, the image on the external monitor comes in and out without going steady.  If however I connect the DP port directly from the tablet to a Startech DP/VGA/DVI/HDMI, then connect a HDMI out from the adapter to the external monitor, then there is no signal latency. This increases the jumbel of wires. Any help is appreciated.

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