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Using RSS Feeds to check for driver upgrades via Lenovo support site.


Is there a different way of checking for new drivers other than visiting the Lenovo support site everyday?


You can obtain RSS feeds once there are any updates for new drivers in the Lenovo support site.


RSS Feeds is only applicable for the following machine.

  • Think products
  • Essential products
  • IdeaPad (S9e, S10, S10e)


  1. You would first need to download a RSS reader for your particular OS (For Windows based system, you can use the free RSS reader via link
  2. Once the RSS reader has been installed on your PC, browse to Lenovo RSS Feed site
  3. Select the laptop which you want to subcribe to / the laptop you are using.
  4. Select "FeedDemon" or your RSS reader which you want to use.
  5. Click "Subscribe Now"


The FeedDemon will then prompt you to subscribe to the feed.

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rebane On 2011-03-18, 1:15 AM

I did subscribe to the RSS feed - it contains 39 posts between dates 9/7/2010 and 3/16/2011.  I have a T410 , 2516CTO that has a number of minor annoyances.  Is it Lenovo's direction to me to start at the bottom of the list and follow the directions in each until done?



Mark_Lenovo On 2013-06-11, 18:56 PM

Generally, most updates are going to be made through drivers and BIOS and are cumulative (all prior benefits carried forward and included in most recent releases).  So, running ThinkVantage System update to get the latest BIOS and drivers should provide the functional benefit of those updates.  No reason to go through them sequentially.



click-click On 2016-09-07, 10:53 AM

What are the latest instructions to subscribe to a specific RSS feed such as drivers for an L460?


The information supplied here is totally out of date and no help to anyone. Please update!

Kk76 On 2017-02-01, 5:38 AM

I am using lenovo vibe p1m can I get marshmallow update and volte update please reply

v015eyjd On 2019-11-03, 18:31 PM

Please update this!!!  If you're not going to update it, *take it down*.  It's not rocket science.  If it's no good anymore, don't leave it available...or post an update at the top saying it's no longer being used and (hopefully) what to do instead!!

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