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Why did my battery lose capacity?


Fully charged capacity declines as the battery pack ages, with the number of charge cycles, amount of time at full charge, and time at high temperature.


Under average usage patterns your battery maintains approximately 70% of its power capacity after the first year of operation:



X axis

: Year

Y axis

: Percentage (%) - Full Charge Capacity / Design Capacity x 100


Each time the battery discharges a total of 85% and recharges counts as one charge cycle (e.g. discharging 45%, recharging, discharging 40% and recharging is 45%+40%=85% one cycle) .


It is beneficial to periodically reset the battery gauge. This allows the computer to more accurately estimate full charge capacity. To reset the battery gauge in the Power Manager, click on Battery Maintenance then Perform Reset. This will require you to let your battery run completely down, and then to recharge it fully.


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Lenovo ThinkVantage Power Manager Help.

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Lenovo battery information and clues.

Dear Sir iwould be very grateful if you gave me an advice on this. 

When am disconnecting my adapter to charge my battery their is an exclamation '' /!\ '' and its telling me;

Lenovo battery : With the current system settings and a full  charge ,your battery can provide approximately 1.5 hours of use. A new battery could provide upto an estimatedof 2.5 hours. Double click for replacement options.

I wish to hear from you soon


i am using z50-70 my battery back up comes only 2 hours can u help me any solutions to incease ........


I have a Yoga 3, it's 6 months old, and my battery only charges to 23%, this started after calibrating it with the Oko Care.

Can some one help?



right click on the big battery icon in the task bar and make sure you have selected normal charging mode and Balanced Power Plan. Then see if it will charge any better. If not turn off the computer and see if it will charge up.