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You might be one of those customers who comes to the forum for assistance, and whether it is your first time or the nth time, you know that being able to find clearly labeled Accepted Solutions and Knowledge Base articles is key to your success.


If another community member answers your posted question and the answer solves your problem, please take a moment to click the "Accept as solution button" on the message that provided the right answer.


By doing this, you provide value back to the community:


1)  Accepted Solutions help others find the answer rather than waiting for someone to provide an answer.


2)  Accepted Solutions can be enhanced and developed into Knowledge Base articles.  By taking the time to mark a solution, you are contributing to the overall knowledge of the community.


3)  Accepted Solutions are prioritized in search results, so marking a solution helps promote it and improves the chances of others finding it.

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buenas tengo un lenovo b570 y trae el sistema y el programa one key recovery, el problema q me surgio es q me pide una contraseña cuando lo quiero usar y no se cual es, alguien podria darme algunasolucion? gracias


data erasure videos and photographs ..... maybe I remove the SD card data
full of lenovo tablet A2107A

I wish I could find operation to recover the computer ... just turns CONNECTION brand without the battery goes out again ... only one year ..