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Correct use of "Flag for a moderator" option



In prior versions of our forum, there was an option in the pull down menu to the right side of a posted message labeled "abuse report".   This was intended to summon a moderator to review a reported post and screen it for hate speech, personal attacks, threats, or profane language.  Basically, behavior unbecoming of a forum member that needed to be addressed quickly.


We felt that this term was somewhat negative and limiting and so, during a recent code update,  the function was renamed "flag for a moderator".


Please use this function sparingly, if a particular post needs to be brought to the moderation team's attention.


This function should not be used to draw attention to one's own posts, or to 'escalate' a post seeking assistance.  This is a peer to peer support community, and posting constructive and appropriately titled messages is the best way to ensure that your post will be easily found and responded to by those with relevant expertise and experience to share.  


Thanks for your co-operation.


Best regards,



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