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Welcome to Lenovo's Peer-to-Peer Discussion Community!
Please note our guidelines. How to register and login and Community FAQs.
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Lenovo Community Participation Rules

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Objectives of Lenovo Discussion Forums:


These communities have been created to provide a high quality atmosphere in which users of Lenovo products and services may share experiences and expertise. While members from Lenovo may participate at intervals to engage in the discussions and offer advice and suggestions, this forum is not designed as a dedicated and staffed support channel. This is an informal and public forum, and Lenovo does not guarantee the accuracy of information and advice posted here -- see important Warranty information below.




Lenovo reserves the right to remove inappropriate language and postings, such as those examples listed below, from the discussion forums. In such instances, the user will be warned and may be banned from future participation




No posts, forum IDs or email addresses shall contain profanity (implied or otherwise), or hate language targeting race / ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, or political beliefs.


Post should avoid these topics. Posts violating these rules will be moderated, and the user warned. Repeat occurrences could result in banning.

No pornography, in the form of written words, expressions, posted images, or links to external material will be tolerated.


No personal threats will be tolerated against forum members, Lenovo employees, or company affiliates.


No personal attacks.


It is fair to state disagreement with facts or conclusions that another member has posted, but dissent must be expressed in an objective, and reasoned manner. Treat others with the respect you wish to receive. Remember that the community is here to share collective experiences and wisdom, with the goal of all members enjoying greater success with their Lenovo products. Consider whether your comments serve to advance the discussion in a positive direction.

No Trolling or deliberate disruption of discussion . Inflammatory post or thread titles are unacceptable and may be moderated.


Inflammatory, or unnecessarily argumentative postings will be considered trolling. Extended debate with moderators or admins over their decisions with regard to moderation of posts is considered trolling. Do not subvert threads. No vendetta posts, or online campaigning. It is acceptable to state concern for how a particular Lenovo policy, performance, or procedure does or does not meet the expectation of a particular member, but it is not acceptable to use this forum in an attempt to broadly organize or incite members en mass, to cancel orders, return systems, undertake legal action or otherwise disrupt the normal business processes of Lenovo.


No posting of private information.


Privacy - Lenovo respects the privacy of each member - please find the privacy link in the footer on each page of the forum. As such, we request that participants respect the privacy of all community members and of Lenovo employees that they speak with on the phone, or correspond with via email. Posts revealing items such as full names, email, or direct phone numbers  of others without their express consent is prohibited.


No commercial solicitation, other than advertisements placed by Lenovo.


This is not intended as an online shopping or trading forum. Members may not post inventories of items, or list items for sale on a routine basis. "Wanted" posts (e.g., a member seeking a 701c system) are permitted on a one-off basis. Individuals may also post single Lenovo products, or directly related accessory items as "for sale" in the general discussion area. Posts for non Lenovo related products are not acceptable (so no cars, boats,planes, tennis rackets,MP3 players, for example). Discretion of forum administrators to remove an item is reserved in all instances.


No solicitation for, nor exchange of information that will aid or enable unethical, illegal, immoral or unsafe activities.

For example, no posts concerning exchange of passwords, credit or banking information, warranty entitlement information for purpose of re-entitling out of warranty products. No posts shall include instructions or directions intended to subvert security measures, including passwords, locking mechanisms, fingerprint scans, etc, or to subvert safety measures. Nor shall any posts provide descriptions to the location of, nor direct links to content related to these topics.



Members are restricted to a single online persona


Members may not register under multiple IDs, or utilize multiple email addresses within the Lenovo communities. This rule applies to Lenovo blogs and the forum. Posting under multiple IDs can be a deceptive practice and could create false impressions. The consistent use of a single ID / Persona whether posting response comments on Lenovo Blogs, or in active forum participation enhances the reputation and recognition of the individual community member.


Do not embed large photos (above 100K) or cut and paste large areas (use of quote) unnecessarily as these behaviors degrade the performance of the forum and detract from the overall usability and experience of others. Instead, host photos externally and link to them as needed within your posts. If you must post to the forum, post in the photos area, remembering to title the thread  photo thread appropriately when you post them to. Try to limit each photo to 100K or less in size, and provide a warning of "large attachments" if you are posting lots of pictures or if you had to go above 100K.


You can check out this article About Posting Pictures In The Forums for more useful details.



Do not attempt to subvert or corrupt the software of the forum

- members attempting to do so will be banned.



No posts or signatures with intent to promote or advertise

Any way of personal blogs/ websites/ pages/ affiliated websites/ resources are not allowed.* Links may be removed at Lenovo's discretion. Repeat offenders may face suspensions/ banning of accounts


a) External Links 

External links to other sites are permitted when they are relevant to the discussion and the information included is not available or cannot be found in the Lenovo forums or websites. Users are not permitted to repeatedly link or post threads with intention to link to personal blogs, websites or other personal resources in the web as this will be considered as advertising or board spamming. The links / posts will be removed at Lenovo's discretion. External links may not link to any site containing subjects listed in the Prohibitions section of these guidelines. Repeat offences will result in forum membership being revoked.


b) Signatures
Members are encouraged to include their system details in their signature as this will inform and assist others who may be offering advice. No pictures are permitted in signatures. A single discreet link to a personal website or other online resource is permitted in the signature line. However, the link must not be directed to any site containing subjects listed in the Prohibitions section of these guidelines. Members are not permitted to refer to the signature link in the body of their post text as this will be considered as advertising or board spamming.




Guidelines and Recommendations


Before creating a new thread, search the appropriate section of the forum first for any existing and related threads. It may be more constructive to all, to advance the knowledge of an existing thread than to create a possibly redundant one. If you find something similar, but believe your topic is unique enough to create a new thread, then do create the new thread choosing your title carefully (see below). Provide some comments as to the existence of the related thread(s) you found and link to them. This will help other users and the moderators to provide the most valuable responses possible.

Post to the correct area - Post new threads in the sections for the particular family of systems, Thinkpads, Thinkcentres, Lenovo 3000, etc. Choose the proper series of systems - T, X, G, H, etc. Moderators will move threads to appropriate sections.


Title threads appropriately. The title of a thread should accurately reflect the subject of the discussion and be as technically specific as possible.  Avoid inflammatory or emotional statements that do not aid the development of the conversation. Thread titles are indexed not only for search functions within the forum, but often externally in Google, Yahoo, etc. Proper thread titles will aid the active members of the Lenovo community, as well as non-members who may be searching more broadly. Example of a good thread title: T Thinkpad Blue Screens after suspend . Example of a bad thread title: Stupid computer locks up - worthless piece of junk. Moderators may alter thread titles to be more meaningful if less than appropriate titles are chosen.


Use pictures to aid understanding and comprehension when appropriate. Screen captures of settings, pull down menus, or error messages can be very helpful in understanding an issue and helping to resolve it. Digital pictures of systems and their environments can also be helpful from time to time. Host pictures externaly, or post to photos area. Limit size to 100K or less. 10M pixel cameras are cool but the resulting file sizes are not. You can check out this article About Posting Pictures In The Forums for more useful details.



Look for ways to advance the richness of the forum. Share awareness of this forum with other users of Lenovo products that you know. Participate in special interest areas. Look for opportunities to mentor junior members - help them along the path to greater knowledge, share shortcuts. Do link to external resources and documents. Members that distinguish themselves by consistently providing quality answers, that advance the collective understanding, and resolve specific problems will attain higher rankings and privileges.


Please restrict off topic discussions to the general area.

There are thousands of online communities dedicated to a wide variety of topics from automobiles, to astronomy, folk arts to fly fishing. This community is dedicated to the Lenovo family of products, services, and the community members who own, use, and benefit from them.


Country Location

- Members should denote their country location in their personal profile.  Location is important when offering advice, as sales, service, and product options may not be consistent country to country. Note that community members from other countries may not all share the same understanding of metaphors, social references, or slang expressions. Posts authored with this in mind may be more easily understood by all.  This field is a requirement during registration.



Lenovo assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information posted on these pages, whether posted by third parties or by Lenovo representatives, and use of such information is at the recipient's own risk. While Lenovo provides no warranties or guarantees that any reported problems may be resolved with the use of any information available on these pages. By furnishing information, Lenovo does not grant any licenses to any copyrights, patents or any other intellectual property rights.


You agree to indemnify and hold Lenovo and its affiliates and subsidiaries, and each of their employees, officers and agents harmless from any claim, including attorneys' fees, made by any third party arising out of content you submit, post, transmit or make available through these pages, your use of these pages, your violation of these Rules or the website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, or your violation of any other third party's rights. This disclaimer and limitation of liability is in addition to any additional statements contained in the general Terms of Use posted on Lenovo's websites.

Lenovo Employees and Technology Partners:


When creating your forum user account please ensure you be transparent and not anonymous, use your corporate email address; or equivalent.  After registering in the forums please contact any one of the community administrators by Private Message in order that your community rank can be correctly assigned in compliance with corporate guidelines.


Should employees or partners at anytime request a member to supply them with personal or private information for the purpose of further investigation into an issue, please ensure that members are advised to send the requested information by private message and not to publish the information in open forum. It is also strongly advised that employees & partners also never post their contact details in the open forum.


Employees & Partners should please avoid being drawn into conversations which may involve themes leading them to disparaging Lenovo or Lenovo’s competitors’ products, speculation regarding unreleased products and any subjects considered Lenovo internal or confidential.


Employees only.  Please ensure that you are acquainted with the Lenovo Code of Conduct; Lenovo University – OPW101-R3 and the Corporate Guidelines on Social Media Participation; Lenovo University – OLCW00A-R1.


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