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NEW ! - Community Knowledgebase feature

2010-06-11, 18:57 PM

knowledgebase_announcement.gifEvery month, the Lenovo community generates thousands of new discussion topics and thousands more replies.   Many of these wind up with marked Accepted Solutions, but the solutions don't always contain all of the information from the whole discussion.


What if there was an easy way to find rich, concise articles that contain all of the relevant information in a more usable form?   That would be great, right?


Well, now there is!   Introducing the Lenovo Community Knowledgebase  - now every member, and even non-registered visitors can benefit from the growing collective knowledge of the community.   More experienced and vested members of the community can help create articles from scratch, or build from existing solutions.  Those of intermediate tenure can nominate discussions that have great content, but aren't a marked solution. 


If you have visited the forum during  the last several weeks, you may have noticed some of the discussion boards now have a small book icon to the right of them.   This little book is the link to the knowledge base associated with that board.TKB book icon.png


Clicking that book icon takes you to the knowledge base, and once there you can use the labels and date range buttons to narrow down the list of displayed articles, or you can use search to quickly locate articles of relevance.


In the top left of the page, you will notice a link to let you navigate up a level.  For example, suppose you were in the ThinkPad X series knowledgebase and wanted to broaden the scope to include all Thinkpads - if you go up a level to the Category, you would then have access to all the ThinkPad articles.   If you go up another level, you will have access to all the articles in the community.


Over time, the number of available articles will continue to grow and more knowledgebases will be activated. Today, a number of the KBs may only have a few articles - the Windows 7 and Windows XP / Vista currently have the most articles.  I expect the Idea and Think KBs to grow quickly as well - there are thousands of solutions in the forum and many can be transformed into great articles.


Click here to learn more about the Knowledge base and ways to get involved.  Article credit is automatically attributed to members who created the original forum content that the articles are draw from, so whether you are actively editing and building articles from existing content, or were a content contributor, everyone gets credit.


For those with access to the communities twitter integration, be sure to use it to tweet articles that you find helpful - likely they will be helpful to others as well !


Pose your questions and feedback here, and keep in mind that all things community driven are a work in progress....


Best regards


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