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 What Is the Windows 10 Feedback Hub and How Do I Use It?


 Feedback Hub for all users of Windows 10 is a communication tool included in the Windows 10 operating system as of the 2016 Anniversary Update. Feedback Hub is the combination of a previously released Windows Feedback app and the Insider Hub for Windows Insiders. Currently, the app is available from the Microsoft Store for anyone to install. A Microsoft account and an internet connection are required to use Feedback Hub for full functionality. Once those requirements are met, the Hub can be used by anyone running Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile. This allows everyone to submit feedback to the Windows team at Microsoft.

An “Enhanced” setting permits a user to send verbatim feedback. A “Full” setting allows the user to send diagnostic information in order for Microsoft to diagnose a specific problem on an owner’s device.

The Hub’s forum type feature not only includes a feedback board for submitting suggestions and problems, but also provides announcements on new Insider Previews of Windows and apps, "quests" for testing new workflows, and a dashboard for tracking achievements in the Feedback Hub. The home view shows a search box for feedback, a count of feedback provided and upvotes received, a list of new features, options for rating the Windows build the user is currently using, and links to a user's profile and external information about Windows and the Windows Insider Program. A user will have the ability upvote and comment on ideas from other users as well. The Feedback hub not only also provides news and gives users the opportunity to rate Windows 10 builds, but it includes ways to complete feedback quests, and to earn badges.

If you are requested in a forum discussion to post a link to your feedback report, here are the steps for copying your feedback URL:

1. Open the Feedback Hub. 



2. Click My Feedback.  Under Sort, click "Activity"



3. To see your recent feedback, select "Most Recent".


4. In the list that shows up, click the specific feedback report.

The next page that opens will show your report. In the upper right corner click "Share".




5. A short link will be created that you can copy and paste to Notepad. That link can be pasted into your Lenovo forum discussion thread for other interested users to upvote via the Feedback Hub. Upvoting will help that particular topic move up so that engineers can review it ASAP. 

*Note: When clicking the shared link with Edge, it will open a new tab and a popup asking if you meant to switch apps.
With other browsers, when the page opens, you will be asked if you want to launch TWINUI.



For more information on using the Feedback Hub and its Basic, Full, Enhanced settings please see: Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app



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