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Keyboard and trackpad error on lenovo ideapad 110 after updating windows 10

2017-12-30, 17:06 PM

 Hello,  it was two days ago when i was using my lenovo 110 for typing a document. Suddenly  my laptop restarting on its own and start to update windows 10.

After its done updating i notice there's errors on keyboard and trackpad not working.  I search on Internet, and apparently i found similar case like me, they just need to update the driver. But the problem is, i tried doing exactly like how they instructed but it's still not fixed,  it's even added more problem like there's some key that keep being pressed even though it's not. 

There's only two keys that giving response,  f3 and f4. But,  it's not really working like how it supposed to be. When i pressed f3 it responded like esc key that keep being pressed while f4 is like tab key that keep being pressed. 

I tried uninstall the keyboard driver and restart the laptop several times, but the driver  keep reinstalled and the problem still present. I tried to leave it uninstalled without restarting my laptop and let my laptop battery dies and leave it for the next day. 

On the next day, after i turned it on,  the trackpad are working normally and there's no errors like before (keys keep being pressed even though it's not), when i check on device manager,  turns out there's no keyboard driver. I search on support.lenovo.com to find keyboard driver for lenovo ideapad 110 but it's only shown synaptic driver for trackpad.  When i search for keyboard there's only PS2 Keyboard driver that only support windows xp and windows 7. No other choice comes up.  I tried install that keyboard driver but turns out same problem come again. Again i tried uninstalled it, but even though driver already uninstalled,  q key keep being pressed and i can't even open program because it keeps opening file/program that start with q. 


I really frustrated by it since i really need my laptop for my studies,  is there any other way to fix my laptop? 

Sorry if it's too long,  i just want to tell the details of what happened to my laptop. 

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