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Fanfold Paper
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Question about Lenovo G500 AMD display drivers on Win10

Hello everyone, sorry if i'm in wrong place again, which i hope i'm not Smiley Happy


Thing is, every since that free update to win 10, i have constant issues with DISPLAY DRIVERS! None of them were stable enough or long enough to work properly longer than maybe 10 days, than some issue occurs. Some small window pops up saying that hardware settings have been changed and that i gotta reboot my system bla bla, but everything worked nicely until this last windows update. It changed something in my system, so i cannot have old performance on drivers that, even broken, worked properly (smoothly). So now, due to all this mess, laptop works slower, game that used to work smoothly (more less) it's glitchy as hell now. So, been doing some digging that i obviously didn't earlier, seems to me that there is no proper support for Lenovo G500 on win 10. I don't see any display driver possible to download for win 10. They're all for win 8.1 and under. So it seems to me G500 is not compatabile with win 10 (even tho, before free update, that automatic message told me that it is), am i right? So, if anyone of you knows, could you please give me link where i can download RIGHT DRIVERS for AMD Radeon HD 8750 for win 10 64 bit, and i'd be unbelievably greatful, cause believe me i'm TIRED of constantly reinstalling display drivers and kinda living in feat thinking of how long will my laptop work normaly before the drivers die again... If someone has nerves for it, pls do the magic for me and i'll buy you a beer. Smiley Happy Trust me i'm so desperate that i'm seriously thinking about going one step backwards and install win 8.1 to spare myself some nerves...


Thank you so much guys.

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Re: Question about Lenovo G500 AMD display drivers on Win10

Seems like Lenovo doesn't list the G500 as Windows 10 supported. Have you tried installing this driver direct from AMD?

Also, try uninstalling both the Intel GPU and AMD GPU drivers, then follow up with the driver above. 

Eric Xu

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Question about Lenovo G500 AMD display drivers on Win10

Thank you for your replay, Eric...


Well, i've tried every Crimson ReLive update that came out, since, every time it came out, windows did some magic to screw the previous version up so i was forced to try the new one. But, installation itself was REALLY SLOW, kinda even glitchy, i can easily say it was LONGER THAN IT SHOULD. BUT, there was one update which was released in November 4th, CRIMSON update, without this "ReLive" thing heh, and that one worked the best. Every time some of those updates didn't work, i installed that Crimson version again from November 4th 2016. But after that windows 10 update 3 days ago, the old driver that usually worked well doesn't work properly anymore. O.o


So, what you're suggesting is that i uninstall both AMD and Intel graphics, and than install only one of these new AMD drivers? Without installing Intel again? Or should i install Intel first and than AMD after? Or, do you think updating Intel from device manager would help aswell? I'm sorry for these noobish questions heh, my profession is into something else, and this is (after upgrading to win 10) first time i ever had such issues on any PC or laptop i had.

Ouh, and, one more thing, every time i install AMD drivers, in device manager it says that AMD Radeon R5 M200/HD 8500M series is online... Which is not graphic card i have, but any of those drivers i tried, they all shown mentioned display adapter.

And, in the end, before i upgraded my win to win 10, i used win 7, and, everything worked nicely on win 7, i had some catalyst installed, and it was AMD HD 8750M adapter active. But ever since i updated to win 10, it's ALWAYS AMD Radeon R5 M200 / HD 8500M, no matter what version i install. Last night i found some silly catalyst, but it's still the same thing, and still glitchy and laptop works slowly, so i'm really tired of all this. I'll go back to win 8.1 or 7, i don't really mind if that's what it takes, just to stop this agony.

Thank you once again Eric.

What's DOS?
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Re: Question about Lenovo G500 AMD display drivers on Win10

i already installed new system win10 64 bit .. i have got problem with ati driver .. ineed it necesary 

please do help for me 

with regards

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