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Punch Card
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System Backup | Windows 10


     I have recently purchased a P50 with Windows 10 in it. I wanted to find out what option I have for backing up my system (specially the state of the Operating System in C drive). Does windows have a in built system backup, that I can fall back on (if backup taken) or restore? How dependeable is it? I heard there is a third party tool 'macrium reflect' that can help on the same line? I have a stable state of the machine now and I want to be able to come back to this state in future if I want to.

Bit Torrent
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Re: System Backup | Windows 10

There are a few of things you can do to protect yourself, and I would recommend all of them, but the System Imgage sounds like what you are looking for, since it is a complete snapshot of C:\.      


Create a restore point This saves a restore point of the Windows System Settings (Critical Windows system files and registry settings) in thier current state, but is not a complete image of the drive, thus your data is not protected, just your windows settings etc, but is handy in case of a virus etc..    These are small, are stored locally on the local HD and cannot be moved, but you can make them as often as you want, such as before installing an applicaton or new hardware etc.


Wilndows Backup:   Backup your important data files to DVD, USB drive or External HD


Create a System Image- This is basically creates a complete disk image of your C:\drive (all data) that can be restored from Windows Recovery.   This should be stored on a external backup hard drive as you may want to store more than one image.


Windows Recovery Drive:   This is a bootable USB drive (requires a 16GB)  from which you can later boot to and restore to a previously saved restore point, System Image or refresh windows etc.    This is a really must have



Hope the links provided can guide you though the steps, but if not reply back and I will see what I can do.



Punch Card
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Re: System Backup | Windows 10

Thanks. This is what I was looking for. Some of the links are for windows 7 but no worry.

Bit Torrent
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Re: System Backup | Windows 10

Glad it helped.


I thought I had found links for Windows 10, but in my haste I might have posed a few that were outdated (sorry), but the process is basically the same.


Take Care,



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Re: System Backup | Windows 10

hello kalyanmudi, JDGillis, and everyone
kalyanmudi, you speak of responsible computing! wink. good planning!
appreciated that JDGillis "would recommend all of them." Yes to all. agree. inside the Windows Ten machine create a restore point. outside/ external create a system image +plus the recovery environment startup disc That associated with the image creation application used to create the backup media. Windows Ten PROfessional has the create recovery features Windows10 has none the recovery features. Because the machine is Windows10 You are on proper course with your example Macrium Reflect Free non-commercial user edition offers the recovery media creation options cited in JDGillis' post. Create the companion Reflect restore startup disc from Macrium will create the Windows PE3 disc necessary to complete the Reflect restore process. (We just like to create and store these backups hoping the situation never happens to Need it.) we used Macrium today for a restore image to pc. Macrium saved someone again., but you must create the restore discs in order to be saved. do this. good planning. and mark the calendar for periodically creating a fresh set according to the machine uses; do not let the backups become outdated.
you might encounter inside windows10 panel a link to windows7 recovery - that doesn't mean it is installed. 

find joy.
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Re: System Backup | Windows 10



Although it is now a few years old, I wrote a paper looking at the various options for backing up one's computer. 


The blog post announcing it is here, and the paper itself can be downloaded here [PDF, 962KB].




Aryeh Goretsky


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Re: System Backup Windows 10

We haveWin 8.1.  Lenovo B50-30 Touch with windows 8.1, but is similar to 10.  The computer came with Lenovo OneKey Recovery.  It allows system image to be made on an external drive.  But it seems not to have a way to make a boot USB.  The below process was used on a Win 10 computer and it screwed up the C drive such that I had to do as it said but ended up with a mess.  Will this backup be like that one where I do not get Win updates, installed programs and files but only the Factory install with my settings?


  1. Search for Control panel.
  2. Type Backup and Restore in the search bar and select backup and restore.
  3. On the left navigation pane click on Create a system image/ Create system repair disc.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

I did create a backup but when I restarted the computer it would not boot.  I then I reattached and booted from the external drive and restored the drive but it ended up only being the Factory install with only the settings and no updates, installed programs or later files.  I had not created a repair disk yet.  

Token Ring
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Re: System Backup Windows 10

FYI, Microsoft really wants to get out of the software backup business and that is exactly why they are 'only' offering the Win 7 backup configurtaion the Win 10 OSs. So, I stopped using it when I encountered a specific difficulty where the shadow volume copy process required at least 50mbs of free space for each partition it was upgrading. In fact, I was the person that reported the problem to Microsoft (via a know MS contact).


With that said, I would strongly recommend switching to Macrium Reflect Free because it is actively updated and works like a charm!


Macrium Reflect Free


Good luck with any decision you make.


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