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Punch Card
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Thinkpad R400 Windows 10 screwed it up

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400  I have used  to get my Pc info.  

Ive upgraded to windows 10 but i cleared the drive C Drive   so i have no lonovo programes left on the pc, I have Problems  on window 10 it s been trying to update for 3 days


Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709  Fails then down loads and the fails on and on  


The CD disc dose not work. And i am just feed up with it i do have a lenono recovery Q on my c drive it looks empty but there is 3 GB of data on it. I would normally press F8 a do a reset but this no longer works.So in short


I have a window s 7 disc if i enstalled this and used this activation number for windows 7 Pro would this work Then using the info on this form could i get this back to normal as before the windows update 10 with lenovo programes pcdlauncher ,lenovo update, levovo recovery ect ect



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Punch Card
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎10-28-2017
Location: GB
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Re: Thinkpad R400 Windows 10 screwed it up

I need a few questions answered plse help


1) i read that the Q drive back up can only be used once, Then it shows up as disc is empty.  is this corect 


2)i did a reset it seems better but updates keep trying to install futrue updates 1703 for the past 3 days si i am to hide it using 


This on microsoft support


It seems to be working  but now i have no more updates so cant be sure any one else used this 


3) i need a driver for the fingerprint reader as i love the fact i i use this to log in but cant find it any where 


4) i need a driver for the PCI Simple Communications Controller


If i can fix these issues i will be a happy girl PLEASE HELP ME SOME ONE ANY ONE 


Thanx in advance 

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