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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-10-27, 1:53 AM

Model :  Thinkpad Yoga 
Build Number: 9860
Compatible: Yes 


Dolby : Did not work out of the box after installing, had to search around a bit, disable driver enforcment. Installed updated connext drivers yesterday and now I have Dolby Digital plus running


Wifi : Windows 8.1 drivers would not work which is weird. Installed drivers of windows 7 and eveything runs great


Lenovo hot key management :  Works 


Webcam on skype : Its like on and off . Some time it works some time it doesnt even after install camera drivers


Everything else runs fine. 


PS : After upgrading to 9860, Dolby stopped working, I installed the latest drivers to get it back again 






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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-11-01, 8:51 AM



All I did was a clean install of Windows 10 Technical Preview to a blank SSD, and then updated it via Windows Update to the latest build.  I did not install any other drivers on it (from Lenovo, Intel, etc.) beyond what was downloaded via Microsoft.




Aryeh Goretsky





how did you,goretsky, get the W510 to work( bluetooth and wlan are disbled in mine)?

I also have problems with audio.

The drivers I've used are the ones for windows 8.1.


I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-11-02, 2:38 AM

Model :  Yoga Pro 3 
Build Number: 9860
Compatible: Yes


After backing up all partitions, I completely repartitioned and reformatted followed by doing a clean install of Windows 10 TP in UEFI mode. Installation went smoothly but most devices were not working due missing drivers (probably expected since this model is so new). This included Touch not working. I proceeded to install of the drivers using the installs from Lenovo. I got all devices working including Touch. Only one of the driver installs failed with an error message (can't recall which one), but it didnt seem to matter because after I ran all driver installs everything showed as installed (maybe a driver that was out of box?).

Only seem to be having two minor issues. I can't seem to get Paper Display to work again. In Win 8.1 before the Win 10 clean install, it just seem to work automatically. I didn't have to configure anything. However now I can't seem to activate it or find any where to configure it. The second problem is that I get a crash every once in a while from some type of "Bluetooth Server", but BlueTooth continues to work (I am using a BlueTooth mouse).

There was one other issue that I was able to resolve. At first I couldn't get my BlueTooth mouse to sync (a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse). It would not always show up in the BlueTooth settings to pair, and when it did show up, it would always fail to pair. Here is how I finally got it to work:

1) I figured out that when I moved the mouse, that is when it showed up in the BlueTooth settings, so I just "wiggled" it to get it to show up. However at this point it only showed up as a generic mouse


2) Once it showed up and was showing available to pair, only then did I hit the Discovery button on the bottom of the mouse for 5 seconds. At that point the mouse name changed to the proper name - Microsoft Sculp Comfort


3) I then chose to Pair at that point and it finally detected the mouse and started to work


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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-11-03, 20:15 PM

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 20C1002RUS

9841 x64

Yes but with 99 problems.

First during the install I discovered the touch screen did not work so I had to connect a 4port usb hub for use with a keyboard / mouse and my USB flash drive. This worked well enough, the setup was a breeze. However once I actually got into Windows 10 it was a disaster as nothing worked except for the screen. But not the touch part just the display part. i was unable to install any drivers to get any functionalty working - except for the USB 2.0 port. 


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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-11-07, 22:57 PM

I tried to load the Win 10 preview on top of my existing 8.1 on the X1-Carbon. It seems to load just fine until the last reboot, and then all I get is a flickery dark blue screen. I tried this 3 times.


Anyone have any thoughts?


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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-11-08, 4:12 AM

After upgrading to Build 9860 and installing KB3010668 and KB3008956, Lenovo Settings installs and works properly.


This is on aT440p with Intel graphics.



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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-11-09, 14:42 PM
I don't work for Lenovo

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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2014-11-11, 17:07 PM
Strange.. my X201 tablet works great with both pen and multi touch.

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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2015-01-11, 16:26 PM

Model :  Yoga 3 Pro
Build Number: 9841 and 9879
Compatible:  clean: No  upgrade:Yes


@ Rojma


I've tried buillds 9841 and 9879  clean and fully updated on my Yoga 3 Pro.  Installed all the Lenovo drivers that seemed to apply.


No touchscreen, no touchpad, no 5GHz wifi.  Did you go off-site for anything else?


[edit] I went back and tried a 10 upgrade on top of 8.1 and that seems to be working pretty well.  The things that didn't work at all in with a clean install + drivers are now working.  I'd sure like to know why my experience was so different from Rojma's.



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Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview - Compatibility List

2015-01-12, 9:46 AM
Lenovo update doesn't work on my X1 Carbon but I assume that it does not know about W10 yet. But Lenovo Settings is very unreliable (freezes). And keeps asking access to my camera and mic.
Windows 10 refuses an upgrade from build 9860 to 9879.
What is most annoying though, is that it is not able to connect to Bluetooth headphones. Tried Nokia Jabra and plantronics (2 headsets)
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