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Replace IE 9 with IE 8?

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Started ‎12-10-2011 by
Modified ‎12-10-2011 by


How do I downgrade to Internet Explorer 8 from Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 64 bit Professional?


To downgrade your IE 9 to IE 8, please do the following steps:


  • Go to Control Panel, click on windows update.
  • On the left at the bottom click on installed updates.
  • Scroll down the updates until you see Windows Internet Explorer 9.  click on it once to highlight it.
  • At the top, click uninstall. 
  • The uninstallation process may take awhile to complete
  • When the uninstallation is complete,  reboot your machine when prompted
  • The system will reconfigure itself and when windows loads back up, you will have Internet Explorer 8.


    Please note: IE 9 will show up as an important update. You might want to reset your  update settings to not automatically install windows updates or you will keep getting 9 installed.


by Community Moderator on ‎12-11-2011 08:49 AM

This procedure will work on Windows 7-Home Premium, 7-Professional, and 7-Ultimate, 32bit and 64bit.