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Is 7 Professional more stable than Home Premium

I know with XP, Professional did not crash as much as XP home.

Is that the case with Windows 7?

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Re: Is 7 Professional more stable than Home Premium

HI JWBlue,


I used both, W7 pro and Home Premium.


Regarding stability, I didn't notice any difference. Both are very stable! Smiley Happy


The only difference is that the Pro version has more features. (I'm sure you already know this Smiley Happy ) Maybe, the Pro version, uses a bit more of ram (a small cost for more features), but not a big issue.





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Re: Is 7 Professional more stable than Home Premium

Windows 7 is More advance than xp so you won't have any problem
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Re: Is 7 Professional more stable than Home Premium

For windows 7 they should be very similar in terms of stability between the HP and Professional.


Jin Li

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Re: Is 7 Professional more stable than Home Premium



The core operating system files for both operating systems are the same, so there really should not be any difference in reliability between the two. I find that what usually makes a difference in stability is the third-party applications which are loaded on top of the operating system.




Aryeh Goretsky


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