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Punch Card
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎03-14-2009
Location: Usa
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Unknown Device on Windows 7

I finally got the 2 unknown devices solved in my Xp install. It was the energy driver and CIR driver. But when I put Windows 7 on, the energy driver works fine, but the CIR driver installs but the unknown device is still their. Is their a known problem with the CIR driver and windows 7?
Retired Guru
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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7

At the time all our telepates are on vacation, so please post Device ID from properties of this device in device manager. Please Robot Happy
//help will save the world
Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎03-31-2009
Location: USA
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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7

I got a y430 2781 with an unknown device on windows 7 7068 x64.  its device id is CPL0002
Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎06-16-2009
Location: Toronto
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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7

[ Edited ]



Has this been resolved by either of you yet? I have the exact same problem; unknown device on a PCI Bus


Hardware Ids are





Physical Device Object name is




I restored to Vista and took screenshots of the device manager to match it up to windows 7's device manager to see what was missing and the only thing was Microsofts ISCSI Initiator but I can't install v. 2.08 or earlier versions of that from Microsofts site Windows on 7; The site states that it comes installed with Vista... so it must with 7 aswell? Either way I tried every version with different compatibility settings and it said that an update.inf file couldn't be found.


Let me know if you need any more details. 


Any help would be appreciated.




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RAID Mirror
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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7

Falcon, Moosefist, Splobk:


Have a look at this post, it provides a solution that solves 99% of the 'unknown item' problems in the Windows 7 Device Manager.


Missing Drivers...



W520 (4270 CTO), which replaced a W500 (4062-27U), which replaced a T42P, which replaced an A21P...
Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-16-2009
Location: Toronto
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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7

[ Edited ]



I looked through it and tried it out to no avail. Any other suggestions?


I have figured out that it is probably the Compal Embedded System Control but windows won't instal the drive on 7 I can't find the driver online to try run it in compatibility mode though, the dell ones available don't seem to be compatible. Any idea where to get that driver?



Thank you for trying.

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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎08-03-2009
Location: United States
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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7 y430

[ Edited ]

I'm also having this problem.  I cannot find any ACPI drivers to remove this unknown device problem in windows 7.  The driver hardware id is cpl0002.  Seems like a lot of people with y430 has this problem.  Also the windows 7 beta driver list seems to only have drivers for thinkpads and not ideapads.


Is it possible that this only happens on the 64-bit os of Windows 7?  I've done some searching on google and several people have this problem with XP64 and Vista 64.  Do all of you have windows 7 64 bit installed/ 

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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7 y430

Finally Divyanshu solved the problem . Waoo. I feel so happy, so great. Lenovo Y430  I want to tell to all y430 lenovo users.


Windows 7  unknown device  compal embedded system control  version or  . Thermal mode


ok. this driver is sitting on lenovo china , we were not able to figure it out, because of the language problem.  My chinese friend helped me figure it out. .. WAOO . 3 cheers....


Click on the orange tab on the left side.  Install the software. wait till it completes  "Yes you want to restart the computer now ""



If you need any other driver for y430, let me know ... Have a great day ..  if you like my message reply to post... Thanks.

Divyanshu Arora

Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-12-2012
Location: uzbekistan
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Re: Unknown Device on Windows 7 y430

Thanks you and your friend!Smiley Happy