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Serial Port
Posts: 20
Registered: ‎07-29-2009
Location: UK
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Win7 and Bluetooth

I haven't seen much discussion of Bluetooth on Win7. I have an X300 and am using Win7 RC1 at the moment.

If I double click on the BT icon on the desktop, Explorer crashes - every time, without exception.

I have tried un-installing the BT drivers but Windows reinstalls them as soon as it notices. I have loaded the BT vista drivers (7zbv08ww) and the install is part successful. I get a list of items, some say OK, some (BT Personal Area Network and two lines saying BT Peripheral Device) say 'No Driver Found'

I can use my BT printer connection but cannot connect to my Phone (the software just hangs).

After an un-install and re-install, I now have two sets of entries in device manager. One called 'Bluetooth Devices' which has a sub entry of 'Bluetooth Bus Enumerator' and one called 'Bluetooth Radios' with three sub-entries of 'Bluetooth Printing Support', 'Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator' and 'Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate'. I can't un-install the BT radios item but can un-install the other tree, which just comes back and I can't seem to control what happens.

Has anyone any success with Bluetooth on Win7?



Long time ThinkPad user: 770, 600, T40, X300, now X301 240gb SSD, 8 GB ram (love it! :-)) Windows 7 64 bit.