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Re: Battery Life Decrease In Windows 7


aeschylus wrote:

Just posting on here to let everyone know that Lenovo has released a BIOS update that has solved the return from standby which left both the integrated and discrete graphics powered.  I'm getting approximately 4 hours of runtime out of my t400 with a 4 cell battery running on W7 X64.  The update is available through TVSA.


What's the BIOS version?  On  my T400, Win 7 Pro 64, TVSU doesn't  pick up a BIOS up date with anything about this in the details.  Only fixes LCD brightness on resuming in Version 3.18-1.06 7UETnnWW 2010/06/15.




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Re: Battery Life Decrease In Windows 7

Anyone has installed the new 3.29 Power Manager?

It was released few days ago!


Any changement?? It says it's fully compatible with windows 7 64!

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Re: Battery Life Decrease In Windows 7

Hello everyone, 


I just found, that Lenovo released new ATI graphic card driver and in description is "magic" note :


Version 8.752.4-101022a-107489C-Lenovo

  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the power consumption increased after resuming normal operation from sleep state.
Maybe someone from Lenovo (Mark) can explain, why this most important update is NOT in system update offer. 
I am going to try this driver and hope it will work. After two years of pain with my T500 is on the time.
Best regards
Jiri Panacek
Czech Republic
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Re: Battery Life Decrease In Windows 7

So, after 2 years, my battery is now official DEAD in Windows 7. It says it still has 5500 Wh left but it won't let me use the battery anymore, because the battery is in poor health. That is really messed up. Like the computer won't even boot even though the battery is at 100% of what it can do. Now I'm out money for having to buy a new battery.

Windows 7 is seriously still killing batteries like no tomorrow, this is really bad. Beyond bad.
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Re: Battery Life Decrease In Windows 7

Like many other Thinkpad customers, I have noticed that battery life with Windows 7 is poor.  The CPU fan on my X200 never shuts off.   I think that's a pretty conclusive sign that something is wrong.


A few things I found that might help others:


The powercfg.exe utility is very useful.  Start a Admin cmd shell (type cmd in start menu search box, right click and "Run as administrator").  Setup your laptop for maximum power savings. Run the command "powercfg.exe -energy".  Open the output file in a browser.


I found that some driver had set the system timer to a short interval rather than the default 15 ms.  I used the SysInternals clockres utilty to track down the problem.  I used the "Device Manager" (under the control panel) to disable drivers until I found the culprit.  It turned out to be "HDA CX20561 Soft Modem".


Disabling devices seems to be a good way to find some power hogs.  With a bunch of drivers disabled I got the power consumption down to about 6.7 watts (from about 11 watts).  It turns out that the "11b/g/n Wireless LAN" device is quite a hog).  I'm going to see if I can adjust some setting to improve it.


The RightMark RMClock utility is fun to play with. It provides a lot of details and a lot of knobs to tune with.  I found that using the "Performance on demand" profile worked well.  I enabled the SuperLFM (6.0x, 0.9v) state, checked "Use P-state transitions 0,2,3,4", unchecked "Use throttling" (I think throttling is useless on a Core Duo).  The graphs on the monitoring page are useful.  Before disabling the soft modem, the CPU was ending up in a low  frequency state but the CPU and OS load were jumping up quite a lot.


I seem to get the lowest power use with Power Manager rather than RMClock.  With the WiFi switch turned off and screen turned down, the "Battery" page of Power Manager says 6.3 watts right now.


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Re: Battery Life Decrease In Windows 7

A correction to my post above: I think the driver changing the system timer resolution was actually the Conexant 20561 audio driver.  Testing is tricky because it seems like a reboot is necessary to reset the timer to 15 ms.  Enabling the Conexant driver doesn't increase the timer resolution right away.  It seems like it takes a while.


In any case, upgrading the Conexant and Wireless LAN Mini-PCI drivers seems to have helped.  With the screen turned down and HD spun down, the power drops to less than 7 watts, even with the audio and wireless enabled.

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Re: Battery Life Decrease In Windows 7

[ Edited ]

Hi there,


I have recently uptaded my W500 and, for the first time, it feels the battery lasts longer now in Windows 7. I'm with the small battery and can work longer than 2 hours, maybe 2 1/2 hours or more depending on what I'm doing. I can't say what made the difference because I updated a few days ago through Toolbox and there were driver for ATI viedo card, new power manager and driver, and a few other things.


Thank you Mr. Lenovo, I've been a year waiting for this but as we say it's better late than never. Smiley Very Happy

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