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Paper Tape
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Can I install XP on myY510 and keep Vista too?

I just bought a Y510, and so far I really like the machine and the new Vista OS, but my company's software (Reynolds & Reynolds ERA) is not compatible with Vista...
I want to install Windows XP on a drive partition to use at the office, and still be able to boot up Vista at home for personal use.
I assume this is possible, but I am not sure how to do it.  I see that Lenovo has XP drivers fro the Y510 available for download on their website.
Can I create a new partition for XP without reformatting the whole drive and re-installing Vista?
Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Token Ring
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Re: Can I install XP on myY510 and keep Vista too?

You need to shrink the partition where Vista is on, to make room for another partition.
20GB for XP and prograns would be more than enough.
Get the free PartedMagic to to the partitioning.
Then install XP in the new partition.
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Re: Can I install XP on myY510 and keep Vista too?

Have you considered installing Microsoft's free Virtual PC software and running the Reynolds & Reynolds ERA software inside of a virtual machine? 
Aryeh Goretsky

I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Can I install XP on myY510 and keep Vista too?

Hey RBS thanks for the tip and link - I took a look at the PartedMagic, but being somewhat computer illiterate I haven't tried it yet, but need to do something soon...
Aryeh, the Virtual PC software sounds intriguing so I'll have to look into it...
Punch Card
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Re: Can I install XP on myY510 and keep Vista too?

I bought a T61 with Vista, created a primary partition with Paragon Partition Manager 8.5 and loaded XP. The XP install will overwrite the boot record. I THINK XP will recognize that Vista is present and will allow you to boot it alos. I bought System Commander, boot manager software. It gives me the choice to boot Vista or XP at startup
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Paper Tape
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Re: Can I install XP on myY510 and keep Vista too?

Good news, I went ahead and installed my new laptop on our company network and the Reynolds software works with Vista, even though a Reynolds technical support person told me that they could not say when it would be compatible, so go figure....
I'm just glad I had not already done all the re-partitioning and XP installation yet...
Thanks for the help.
Punch Card
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Re: Can I install XP on my Y510 and keep Vista too?

[ Edited ]
Hey folks, newbie to the Forum here, but not to computers.  Have been using em since 1986.
Anyway, just bought two IdeaPad Y510 notebooks [about six weeks ago.]  Absolutely love them.  Actually got them at a bargain [$200 rebates on each, so came out to $600 for 250GB, 2GB RAM, DL DVD-RW, etc., etc.]
Like this member I have the same issue.  The system works great with Vista, but as you can imagine, I have some favorite software that I have been using from the old days of Win 98, not too many but just enough that I want to install XP on any machine I have.
But I also NOW like Vista on the Y510.  Vista has been out long enough that most bugs have been worked out and the Y510 is powerful enough to operate great, IMHO.  So I plan on keeping Vista on the Y510, but I don't like not being able to install some of my old XP programs that will not work on a Vista machine.
So I did a Google search and it came up on this member's post.
When I talked to Lenovo tech support [who were EXTREMELY helpful, respectful and responsive] he suggested I could go to XP since Lenovo put up the drivers on its download site.  But he also suggested I instead use System Commander or a similar program to boot up on my D partition which could have XP installed.
I have an old copy of System Commander [V 7.1] and I can upgrade to System Commander 9 for only $40.  But I don't want to do that unless I can determine beforehand if that will work.  It's not the money as much as the time involved in installing an OS, drivers, etc. [anyone experienced knows how long that takes.]
Out-Of-Context: About a week into getting the Y510 I decided I did not want Vista on the Y510 so I installed had the Y510 repartitioned, formatted and installed XP.  But I got an error message when installing XP.  It finished the install but the files I said to ignore must have screwed up something.  So I used my Lenovo recovery disks and reinstalled Vista, etc.  Basically did a restore. 
All went well and I have now decided to keep Vista on it since I gave it a chance and have been working with it, to my satisfaction.  But I still want to see if I can do the XP thing as described above.
Back to my questions:  Anyone have experience using System Commander on a Y510 [or similar machine] and putting XP on the D partition?  [As some of you may know, the Y510 comes partitioned with the C drive being about 30GB.  Vista is on that and so is the Lenovo "one touch" recovery software [part of C drive has Vista and all the drivers to restore the machine back to its original state].
But the D partition [that on my machine is 180 GB] is "naked" or empty.  I think I can install XP on it.
As I recall, since I never really used it, System Commander alters the MBR [master boot record] of the hard disk and when I turn on the Y510 a System Commander menu will pop up asking what OS [and partition in my case] I want to use.  Is this how it works?
Thanks for the help.  Like I said, the reason I am asking this is because I prefer not to spend 10 hours trying to get things back to the way they were should this not work out. [The Y510 has Office 2007, Adobe Professional, Zone Alarm, and other programs installed that I don't feel like having to reinstall, update, etc.  You know how it goes.]
Bottom line: If I can install XP on the D partition that would be very cool.
Thanks again for any responses.
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Punch Card
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Re: Can I install XP on my Y510 and keep Vista too?

Vista came installed on my T61. I partioned the C drive, and loaded XP into the empty partition. Works great. I use System Commander to boot either system.
A couple of notes:
I used partion Manager to create the empty partition.
Create it as a primary patrtition, NTFS, and make it active.
You should hide the Vista Partition, so that the new partition will become C also on reboot. The XP install has a
     great chance of overwriting some Vista programs if you do not. 
Load XP, the master boot record will be overwritten, so XP will boot.
System Commander on install should find Vista and XP and you should be able to boot both.
#### You shoud create a Rescue and Recovery image of ALL of your data in case something goes wrong. You
         also should have the Proiduct Install CDs in case something goes wrong.
T61 T7500 2.2 GHZ Vista Business/Xp Prof
Paper Tape
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Re: Can I install XP on my Y510 and keep Vista too?



i had bought a Y510 2 months back with vista OS.but i face problems to load oracle applications and oracle.

i want to format my laptop with windows xp sp2.


Please suggest me the steps for doing the complete format of the laptop.

Also please do let me know the softwares required to create partions. 


If i donot format the hidden partition can i get back the data and the os by using NOVO button if required.


Please post me the valuable suggestions.




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