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Disk clean up - free up space

by on ‎05-24-2010 03:09 PM (15,534 Views)


I get an error telling me that I'm out of disk space, how do I free up space other than deleting files I think I probably need to keep?



If you want to reduce the number of unnecessary files on your hard disk to free up disk space and help your computer run faster, use Disk Cleanup. It removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, and removes a variety of system files and other items that you no longer need.


To clean up files associated with your user account:


  1. Open Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Disk Cleanup, and then, in the list of results, click Disk Cleanup.
  2. In the Drives list, click the hard disk drive that you want to clean up, and then click OK.
  3. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, on the Disk Cleanup tab, select the check boxes for the file types that you want to delete, and then click OK.
  4. In the message that appears, click Delete files.


For information about how to clean up all files on your computer, see Delete files using Disk Cleanup.

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