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Paper Tape
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How to recover my win 7 license


some days ago, the harddisk of my lenovo ideapad y570 , stopped working, then i proceeded to replace the damaged disk for a new one, but i don t know if is possible to recover the license that comes with the laptop.
then i was wondering what i can do in this situation???



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Re: How to recover my win 7 license

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by W.7 license  you mean the Product Key,right?


that should be at the bottom of your laptop.



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Re: How to recover my win 7 license

Hello , 


If you created factory intial 3 DVDs  you can use them to make OEM activation , it will return everything to initial state and re-create OEM partition as well. Or  you can use your product key  which is under the machine.





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Re: How to recover my win 7 license

if your machine came with the Win 7 installed, then the serial number is under the laptop (or under the battery compartment).

The serial no. used in the factory installed Win 7 OS is useless, since they are a volume licensing key.

As said, if you created the factory recovery media, then use that to install the OS, otherwise download a Windows 7 ISO then activate it using the serial no. that is already given to you on the Windows 7 authenticity sticker.

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Paper Tape
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Re: How to recover my win 7 license

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I'm not going to start new thread, instead going to ask from here.

I'd like to know where can I obitain image/CDs or DVD for Windows 7 install. I have win 7 OA licence key under lap. I swapped my HDD and installed Windows8, now this lap is being used by my brother and he would like to have original Windows 7 back.

I didn't make any recoverdy discs, so I don't have any media for reinstalling Windows 7. Laptop is Lenovo B560.


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Re: How to recover my win 7 license

Either purchase install media from Lenovo support, or download the version of '7 that matches your orginal install and license.  You may need to use the phone option to activate.


With the 2nd option, you'll end up with the Microsoft "vanilla" install, and will probably want/need to install the appropriate Lenovo drivers manually.


Legal Resources for Downloading Windows 7



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