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Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

Thanks johnp0126,


My system is relatively new D20 4155-CTO that I ordered in the may june time frame.  And  sorry for sounding angry, but I've been outright lied to by the lenovo rep that sold me the compuer on several issues.  For example, the guy had assured me that the machine had Bluetooth, well it didn't; When I placed the order I asked the buy point blank that if my machine did not qualify for the upgrade I would wait to place the order so it would, (as I was supposed to receive my machine before the date that Microsoft had authorized the upgrade policy), as it turned out if my machine's delevery had not been delayed twice (the second time after being put on the quick list) I would not have gotten the upgrade.  


Forgive my ignorance, but is the win 7 RTM the upgrade version of windows availavle from lenovo for the $17 shipping fee; if it is, that is the one I am trying to install.  I'm upgrading from win XP service pack 4, and putting win 7 on a new ssd drive.  The drive that originally came with my machine is going to now be my d drive, though I'm still leaving xp on the drive incase I had problems with WIn 7.   I followed the instruction that came in the booklet with the win 7 cd, including upgrading to the latest bios and downloading the latest drivers from the lenovo website. 


Frankly speaking I'm really scared to call teck support, considering how I was treated when I bought the machine. 

Is there any other info you need?


Thanks for your help,



ps if any Lenovo poeople are reading this I want you to know I am really disatisfied, not that you guys seem to care, but just wanted to let you know.

Lenovo Employee
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

aniketp, I suggest you calm down and try some of great suggestions put forth by johnp0126 and others.


First of all, I am definitely not an actor (way too monotone), but I guess I should take that as a compliment?  And secondly, I am a master inventor, how does that bother you?  Let me tell you, I personally have been working on performance since 2007 (2 months shy of 3 years) and have built up a respectable amount of experience in this field which Lenovo is thrilled to be able to pass on the benefits to our customers via the Enhanced Experience.


You did a good job at complaining without being specific enough for any of the helpful folks who post here to be able to do much to assist you.  I have been looking at forums posts and I think most people are having success and are satisfied with Lenovo + Win7 to date, so I seriosuly challenge your assertion to the contrary.  If  you are smart enough to install Linux 8 years ago, this [installing Win7] should be a cake-walk for you. 


The D20 is an awesome system, Win7 flies on it.  I hope you get it turned around so you can enjoy it.  If not, I realize this is the internet but please be a little more constructive Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

I am not sure where to put this issue.  I have a G530 (4446) that was upgraded to Win7.  However, now there is no way to adjust the display brightness.  I downloaded the graphic driver, hotkey driver, and power manager, but still nothing that allows for adjustment of brightness.  It therefore eats away at battery life, since it it full brightness.


What do I need to do?  Please help!

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

[ Edited ]

Dear  Perfguy,


You are right I might have over reacted a bit, but truth be told I'm just dired of the mediocroty that I see everywhere (not to say that you are responseble for it), but some executive some where tyring to force every damm penny out of people and loosing quality in the process... take this for an exmple. The file, with updated drivers for the broadcom nics, that I downloaded form the lenovo support page for my cumputer.  Just so I can gualrentee that you get the very same file go to this url and type in my product number which is 4155-CTO.  Select "Dopwnloads and drivers" and then "Networking" from the "Refine Results" pulldown. 


Silict the Broadcom NIC LAN driver for Windows 7 and download both the *.exe file and the *.txt file. 

Run the exe and read the text file.  You will not find the file C:\SWTOOLS\DRIVERS\ETHERNET\C4ETN04WS17\Tools\DrvInst\IA32\setup.exe file becuaes ...\TOOLS\DRVInst\... does not exist. However, withing the C4ETN04WS17 you do see "DrvInst" so you go in there and you will find two folders each of which contain a setup file.  The first folder is "NetXtreme" and the second is "NL_K57". 


I have no clue what is what and end up running both setup programs.  I also have a feeling the bios upgrade that I was told to install did something to effect my network connectability... becaue when I boot into the original WindowsXP drive that came with the machine I'm no longer able to connect via Ethernet, though I was able to before the bios upgrade. 


The only change that I have made to the system is install an SSD drive using the connector that the hard drive that came with the machine.  This should not casue any problems with the NIC and I know it did not as I was able to connect via the XP partition before I did the bios upgrade. 


So tell me after being lied to by the Lenovo Rep I bought the  computer through?

Having my order be canceled (without anyone contact me) because of some problem with the processor I had chosen, which was a valid choice on the configurator youguys have on yoru website for D20's.  The only reason I found out was the day I was supposed to receive my computer came and went and I was wondering what happened and I called the sales man back and found out that my computer was canceled.  


Then the shipment was delayed a couple of times for god knows what reason.  And when I called the guy who sold me the computer, with concerns regarding the order and wether I would qualify for the upgrade, he never retuned my calls.   I was concerned becasue he told me, in no uncertain terms, that no matter what LENOVO would make sure I would get a free upgrade, but I found from a couple of posts on this website thet LENOVO is not doing that.  I just happend to be lucky that my order did not ship till after the Microsoft upgrade qualification date and so I was not charged for the order till after that date and as such I had not technically "bought" the computer till after the date.  Oh I think I also forgot to mention that the guy also lied about the computer having BlueTooth built in the machine and ready to go out of the box, and this after supposedly checking with someone. 


So after goiong thorugh all this, and more or less having lost faith in the company before seeing your video regarding the Lenovo Enhanced Experience are you telling me that I should not be mnd and that I should not look at this so called "Enhance Experience" program with a heck of a lot of suspission.


You are telling me that you would not be pissed up the wawzooo if you had this kind of experience with a company's product really.... than you are more than a Master Inventor you must be a saint alllong the lines of the Dali Lama with infinite patients.  


So please tell me what I should think... and why I should not be at least a little ticked off.  




Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

@aniketp:  Not sure why your Windows 7 does not work, even a retail disc on virtually any modern laptop will get network connectivity.  There are many helpful posts here.


@PerfGuy: I think you are to be commended for your efforts, obviously you are a talented engineer whose innovations have the potential to make Lenovo laptops the best.  HOWEVER, why can't the installed base of modern machines like T400 and T500 (my brother and I have 4 total of these, plus 2 T61s) be upgraded to your master inventions?  Wouldn't you like your invention to be spread far and wide like Edison or Johnny Appleseed?  Sir, we please all want to get EE on our recently purchased machines under the "free" upgrade program, can you discuss with management how the loyal Thinkpad customer can get this?  I suspect you would be proud if these inventions were running on more machines.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

I've used IBM/Lenovo machines exclusively for over ten years.  We have several T61's at home, and I keep a desktop for web publishing and some light gaming.  My current desktop is a J3000, and I'd really love to upgrade to a Core Quad.  When I came to see what Lenovo had to offer, I really got excited about EE.  And I saw the "free" upgrade announcement saying that we don't need to wait until 7 rolls out completely, we can buy now and get an equivalent upgrade soon.


But that's not what I'm hearing here.  First, I have the choice on the website of a K230 quad with Vista now, or waiting "over 4 weeks" for a K300 7/EE that has features I don't need.  And I've read the hundreds of complaints here about people's machines not being delivered, upgrades not coming, only partial EE being installed with upgrades, etc. 


All I want to know is when Lenovo will sell *and ship* a Core Quad home desktop with Windows 7 and full EE.  Why spend three years working on it, advertise the heck out of it on the webpage and then tell people they can't have it? 


In short, either sell 7/EE machines and ship them immediately, or stop telling people how wonderful their machines would be if they only had this great software.    Dell, HP and Gateway all have Core Quad desktops with 7 fully installed ready to ship out tomorrow.  Don't make me go there!   

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

I recently (Aug 2009) bought an X301 with Vista on board, with an assurance from the dealer that I could upgrade for free when Windows 7 was released. Fair enough. Ouch. I have to go back to my Win95 days to get more blue screens of death during the months following (curse Vista!), so when the release date for New Zealand came around I went eagerly through the Lenovo website to apply for the upgrade, and sailed through the process easily (except for the handling fee - not as free as I thought - but OK). Within a couple of weeks I received two upgrade discs, and went for it. During the process I was advised to remove various programmes that would be Bad News™ for the new software. These included Thinkvantage Active Protection System, Thinkpad EasyEject Utility, Presentation Director, Lenovo Care Update, Client Security Solution and Intel PRO Set/Wireless. Off they went. In went the discs. Out came Windows 7 (mostly). The programmes I had removed had not returned, even off the companion disc. Sadly, the password manager had also gone AWOL - during the couple of months with Vista this had been one shining light in the blue screen darkness. I went hunting replacements in the Lenovo downloads, and have managed to restore Windows 7 versions of Thinkvantage Active Protection System, Client Security Solution and Lenovo Care Update. Got very tired of download and reboot. Thinkpad EasyEject Utility, Presentation Director, Intel PRO Set/Wireless have eluded me. No version of password manager seems to be available (even after talking to the Lenovo Australian Helpdesk).

Presumably these will all appear in the goodness of time, but why is it not possible to add these systems to the smart systems that take stuff off in the first place? Are they not available in shop-ready systems?

In general, my new system is lovely, and I am really pleased with the boot and shutdown speeds. I am not so impressed with the PRspeak of Rory Read (Lenovo COO) when he gushes "...“For three years, Microsoft and Lenovo engineers have worked tirelessly together to jointly create a PC experience that is better, faster, more stable, and more secure... This has been an unparalleled effort to integrate hardware and software from the ground up. As a result, we've created new innovations in touch technology, improved speed and performance across the board and developed a host of other enhancements that will make a meaningful difference to our customers worldwide."(HotHardware: Oct 21 2009: my emphasis). It is the last few yards that really impress, Roy. So far for me, not so much.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

[ Edited ]

This is getting really frustrating.  I want to buy a new machine.  I want to buy it today and have it delivered in a few days. 


Today I get a big email ad from Lenovo with 72 hour Black Friday savings of around $150 on many systems, including the K230 and K300 systems I'm looking at.    But K230's are still not 7/EE.  And K300's are still "four weeks+" for delivery. 




Sorry for shouting, but this is the first time in 10 years that I have gone to the IBM/Lenovo webpages and not been able to pick a machine, pay for it, and have it delivered in a few days.  You may have some great inventors, but your marketing is (deleted).


I'm going to calm down, wait for a month, and see if you've gotten your act together and sell a simple, mid-cost Core Quad Windows 7 desktop with EE that will ship in a few days.  Otherwise, you've lost a long time customer.



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

I was just wondering because I just bought my T400s this week. if I could get a recovery disc of Windows 7.

Its strange that most of Lenovo's notebooks are preloaded with Windows 7 but not the T400s. Is there a way to get recovery discs?

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Win 7 Enhanced Experience

I have a X200T that I have already upgraded with Win7 Ultimate, and everything works great.

Yesterday I got the upgrade cd's from Lenovo.


Will there be any improvement or benefit to install the win7 cd,s from Lenovo?


I have read the posts here, but am still not understand this.

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